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Nice Rating Report

Suggested Price: 6,72 $

A detailed preview of the men’s 2023 Ironman World Championships in Nice


Earlier this year Ironman announced that the male and female World Championships would be held in separate venues on separate dates. For 2023, the men’s race will be held on September 10th in Nice, France, while the female race will stay in October in Kona.

The Nice Rating Report is the best resource to look forward to the men’s Ironman World Championships and to follow the race! It’s a 65+-page PDF with information about the race, the course in Nice (updated version of the Nice Course Description), all MPRO participants and their chances on September 10th.

The report is available for free (just enter 0 in the “Name a Fair Price ” field before adding the Report to your cart). However, if you like the report and want to support my work during the season, it would be great if you can send me a few bucks. (For comparison, back when there were print triathlon magazines they used to sell for about $8.)


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