Overview of the Professional 2020 Long-Distance Season

With the Corona-crisis, a number of long-distance races were impacted. This post shows the Professional long-distance races of the 2020 racing season, indicating whether a race has been rescheduled (a new date has been announced), postponed (no new date given so far) or even canceled (no alternative date in 2020). Races without an entry in the “Status” column no new information is available. I hope that in the next weeks I can add a status of “confirmed”, i.e. a race going on as planned.

Status Original Date New Date Race Prize Purse Kona Slots
Rescheduled 29-Mar-20 15-Nov-20 Ironman African Championship – Nelson Mandela Bay $ 150.000 2m+2f+2u
Postponed 25-Apr-20   Ironman Texas $ 60.000 1m+1f
Rescheduled 2-May-20 19-Sep-20 Ironman North American Championship – St. George $ 150.000 2m+2f+2u
Rescheduled 3-May-20 13-Sep-20 Ironman Australia $ 40.000 1m+1f+2u
Canceled 23-May-20 n/a Ironman Lanzarote $ 25.000 1m+1f
Rescheduled 31-May-20 23-May-21
(no 2020 race)
Ironman Tulsa $ 60.000 1m+1f
Rescheduled 31-May-20 16-Aug-20
Pro Race canceled
Ironman Brasil $ 40.000 1m+1f+2u
Postponed 07-Jun-20   Ironman Asia Pacific Championship – Cairns $ 150.000 2m+2f+2u
Postponed 14-Jun-20   Ironman France $ 80.000 1m+1f
Postponed 21-Jun-20   Ironman Ireland – WPRO $ 40.000 2f
Postponed 21-Jun-20   Ironman Hamburg – MPRO $ 40.000 2m
Postponed 28-Jun-20   Ironman European Championship – Frankfurt $ 150.000 2m+2f+2u
Canceled 05-Jul-20 n/a Challenge Roth € 62.000  
  05-Jul-20   Ironman Austria $ 60.000 1m+1f
  12-Jul-20   Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz – MPRO $ 40.000 2m
  12-Jul-20   Ironman Switzerland Thun – WPRO $ 40.000 2f
  25-Jul-20   Ironman Santa Rosa – MPRO $ 40.000 2m
  26-Jul-20   Ironman Lake Placid – WPRO $ 40.000 2f
  15-Aug-20   Ironman Sweden – WPRO $ 40.000 1f
  15-Aug-20   EmbrunMan € 125.000  
  16-Aug-20   Ironman Copenhagen – MPRO $ 40.000 1m
  23-Aug-20   Ironman Mont Tremblant $ 60.000 1m+1f
  30-Aug-20   Ironman Canada – Penticton $ 60.000 1m+1f (2021)
  06-Sep-20   Ironman Wales $ 60.000 1m+1f (2021)
  12-Sep-20   Challenge Almere (ITU LD World Champs) € 38.000  
  19-Sep-20   Ironman Italy – WPRO $ 40.000 1f (2021)
  26-Sep-20   Ironman Portugal – MPRO $ 40.000 1m (2021)
  10-Oct-20   Ironman World Championships – Kona $ 650.000 3m+3f (2021)
  07-Nov-20   Ironman Florida – WPRO $ 40.000 2f (2021)
  22-Nov-20   Ironman Arizona – MPRO $ 40.000 2m (2021)
  22-Nov-20   Ironman Cozumel $ 80.000 1m+1f (2021)

Towards the end of the year, the list of Pro races might not be complete, for example IM Chattannooga and IM Western Australia were also Pro races last season.

Last Changes:

  • March 28th: IM Tulsa now postponed
  • March 26th: Created the Overview
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