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Ironman Cairns 2015 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

Based on the results, the conditions in Cairns were unremarkable: An adjustment of 5:35 was just a little bit faster than the new course rating of 3:47, with all three legs showing average numbers.

Male Race Results

After making up the ground to super-swimmer Dylan McNeice, Luke McKenzie was putting time into the field, posting the fastest bike by more than six minutes. Luke was still able to follow that with his strongest marathon since placing second in Kona 2013. He was followed by Cameron Brown who posted the fastest run of the day, and Dylan McNeice who battled his way back into third place.

The race was paying ten deep, but there were only seven male finishers – I think that this is the first time that not all prize money was assigned on the male side of an Ironman race.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected Prize Money
1 Luke McKenzie AUS 00:47:18 04:30:19 02:57:37 08:18:01 -16:04 US$ 20000
2 Cameron Brown NZL 00:49:44 04:40:42 02:52:54 08:26:22 01:30 US$ 10000
3 Dylan McNeice NZL 00:44:54 04:49:41 02:58:40 08:36:55 -04:16 US$ 6500
4 Simon Billeau FRA 00:52:48 04:36:08 03:10:41 08:42:05 -08:13 US$ 4000
5 Simon Cochrane NZL 00:49:33 04:49:38 03:10:47 08:52:46 -05:44 US$ 3000
6 Luke Whitmore AUS 00:49:46 05:02:52 03:10:04 09:06:07 08:30 US$ 2000
7 Luke Martin AUS 00:52:46 05:19:29 04:13:45 10:30:19 1:42:38 US$ 1500
James Cunnama ZAF 00:49:39 04:50:44 DNF

Luke McKenzie and Dylan McNeice added enough points for safe Kona slots, Cameron Brown was already safe before the race. James Cunnama had a frustrating DNF and his chances for Kona don’t look too promising at this point.

Female Race Results

Liz Blatchford was leading the race almost all day: She had the fastest swim by almost four minutes. Early in the bike she received a four-minute penalty (apparently for a swimming error as mentioned on FirstOffTheBike’s Cairns review) which allows Michelle Bremer to take the lead for a bit. But Liz quickly reclaimed the lead, posting the fastest bike leg. She followed that up with the fastest run, finishing in 9:11 and a new course record (even including the penalty!).

Gina Crawford was never too far back from Liz, and was steadily putting time into the rest of the field, posting the second fastest legs and finishing nine minutes behind Liz in second place. Michelle Bremer claimed the last spot on the podium.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected Prize Money
1 Liz Blatchford AUS 00:49:54 05:07:37 03:10:30 09:11:49 00:21 US$ 20000
2 Gina Crawford NZL 00:53:37 05:10:34 03:12:58 09:20:56 03:12 US$ 10000
3 Michelle Bremer NZL 00:56:34 05:13:02 03:22:31 09:35:32 -00:29 US$ 6500
4 Sarah Crowley AUS 00:56:24 05:17:38 03:20:24 09:38:43 n/a US$ 4000
5 Kym Coogan AUS 00:55:09 05:15:57 03:32:39 09:46:42 -00:16 US$ 3000
6 Christie Sym AUS 00:57:07 05:29:32 03:27:07 09:56:34 05:52 US$ 2000
7 Larisa Marsh NZL 00:57:08 05:12:59 03:45:20 09:58:45 -04:48 US$ 1500
8 Ange Castle AUS 01:03:00 05:34:25 03:22:59 10:05:10 -10:13 US$ 1250
9 Kate Bruck USA 01:04:11 05:47:02 03:26:48 10:23:54 16:24 US$ 1000
Beth Gerdes USA 00:58:11 DNF
Marie Sorrell NZL 00:59:08 DNF

As Liz and Gina were already safe for Kona, the only result with Kona implications was Beth Gerdes’ DNF after two flats early on in the bike. After the race she tweeted her frustration about her first DNF in an IM, but at least she was able to see her fiancee Luke McKenzie win the race.

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