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Ironman Mar del Plata 2018 (Dec 2nd) – Entry List

IMMarDelPlataUpdate Nov 3rd:

  • Added Dede Griesbauer,  Asa Lundstroem, Svenja Thoes (WPRO) and Matt Chrabot, Marcus Hultgren, Giovanny Marmol Ruiz, Frank Silvestrin, Diego Vasquez, Nacho Villarruel, and Andrej Vistica (MPRO)

Kona Slots and Prize Money

IM Mar del Plata has 2m+2f and 2 floating Pro Kona slots. (The floating slots are proportionally assigned to the male and female Pros according to the number of Pro starters.) It has a total prize purse of 100.000 US$, paying 10 deep.

Male Race Participants

Name Nation
Clemente Alonso McKernan ESP
Igor Amorelli BRA
Pedro Jose Andujar ESP
Miquel Blanchart Tinto ESP
Christian Carletto ARG
Andres Chirinos PER
Matt Chrabot USA
Antony Costes FRA
Mario De Elias ARG
Felipe De Oliveira Manente BRA
Matt Hanson USA
Marcus Hultgren SWE
Iuri Josino Vinuto BRA
Lukas Kraemer GER
Michael Louys BEL
Giovanny Marmol Ruiz ECU
Paul Matthews AUS
Dylan McNeice NZL
Johannes Moldan GER
Andy Potts USA
Ivan Risti ITA
Stefan Schumacher GER
Frank Silvestrin BRA
Jesper Svensson SWE
Felipe Van de Wyngard CHI
Diego Vasquez ECU
Nacho Villarruel ESP
Thiago Vinhal BRA
Andrej Vistica CRO

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Sarah Crowley AUS
Dede Griesbauer USA
Minna Koistinen FIN
Caroline Livesey GBR
Asa Lundstroem SWE
Nayara Luniere BRA
Bruna Mahn BRA
Kimberley Morrison GBR
Angela Naeth CAN
Ashley Paulson USA
Sarah Piampiano USA
Erika Simon ARG
Pamela Tastets CHI
Svenja Thoes GER
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