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KPR Thoughts (4) – When will the KPR change?

This is the next post in my series of thoughts on different aspects of the KPR. This will be a pretty short one – discussing when the KPR will change.

In the recent interview with Bob Babbitt, Andrew Messick said that changes are being discussed but no final decisions have been made. This could mean two different things:

  • Discussion is almost finished, and changes will be announced shortly and take effect for Kona 2015 qualifying.
  • The discussion will take a while, and changes won’t take effect for Kona 2015 qualifying.

My guess is that we’re looking at the longer timeframe, which means that Kona 2015 qualifying will be governed by the same rules that we saw this year. I have two reasons for this:

  1. WTC has usually given the rules at least two seasons before changing them again. We’ve just seen pretty big changes last year – and the full effect of these changes can’t really be assessed before the end of qualifying. By then, the rules for the next season would have to be in place.
  2. Changes to the KPR effect a large and diverse group: Just think of the different interests of athletes and race directors, top Pros and those struggling to make a living from triathlon, and the different regional interests of the individual races and communities involved. The lack of any specific plans indicates that these groups have not been informed yet.

In my opinion, changes to the system should be made for 2016 qualifying after a long and open discussion between all interested groups.

My assessment: In the absence of any clear statements by WTC, both scenarios are possible. Still it’s more likely we will see only minor changes for 2015.

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