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2013 Tri Trivia

I’ve started to work on my „2013 Rating Report“, looking back on the Ironman-distance races of 2013 and my analysis on the results. You can already pre-order the report and receive it as soon as it’s available!

As part of the work for the report, I’ve come across some interesting facts, and over the next days will ask ten trivia questions as a „countdown“ to the release of the report. (I will amend this post from day to day. You can enter your answers as comments, or send them to @ThRadde on twitter.)

  1. Who had the fastest Ironman-distance times of 2013 (either man or woman)?
  2. Which IM races had the smallest and largest number of pro finishers?
  3. What’s the shortest time between two Ironman wins?
  4. In 2013 we’ve seen 6 sub-8h finishes (for the men) and 21 sub-9h finishes (for the women). Which 2013 race had the most of these?
  5. Who posted the fastest marathon times in 2013 (man or woman)?
  6. Which races in 2013 had the closest and widest margin between the male and female winners (Pros only)?
  7. Which races in 2013 had the closest and widest margin between the winner and runner-up (Pros only)?
  8. Which country had the most Pro IM wins in 2013?
  9. Who had the slowest swim when winning a Pro IM in 2013 (men or women)?
  10. Who overcame the biggest deficit after the bike to win an IM in 2013 (men or women)?

The report includes the answers to the questions, and is now available: Please go to the 2013 TriRating Report page.

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