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Announcing the Kona 2017 Rating Report

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For the 2017 Ironman World Championships in Kona I have released a 120+-page Rating Report with tons of information:

  • Detailed results and analysis of last year’s race
  • Information about the Kona course, top Kona finishers and the current course records
  • The Kona 2017 start list and my predictions and odds for the Pro athletes
  • How the race may unfold and what to watch for when the race is going on
  • Details about each Pro including their input and a lot of photos they have supplied

The Report is available for free, but it would be great if you can support my work before Kona and during the year by donating an amount of your choice, for example the list price of a regular tri magazine (around 7$).

The Kona Rating Report is the ideal information to have when following the Ironman Kona coverage!

Get The Kona Report

Here’s what a couple other triathletes have said about the Report:








(I’m not quite fluent in Finnish, but according to Google Translate Kaisa is saying nice things.)



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