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Continental and National Fastest Times

After the fast times at the end of 2015 there has been some discussion about continental and national “records” over the Ironman-distance. Because of doubts about the accuracy of courses, comparing times from different courses is always a bit tricky, but here is an overview of the data I was able to compile.

Please let me know if I missed some older results that are better than the continental and national records in this list!

Continental Records

Female Athletes

Continent Athlete Nation Time Date Race
Africa McEwan, Dianne ZAF 09:37:45 14.04.13 IM South Africa
Asia/Pacific Shiono, Emi JPN 09:23:26 01.03.08 IM New Zealand
Australia Carfrae, Mirinda AUS 08:38:53 20.07.14 Challenge Roth
Europe Wellington, Chrissie GBR 08:18:13 10.07.11 Challenge Roth
North America Corbin, Linsey USA 08:42:42 29.06.14 IM Austria
South America Monticeli, Ariane BRA 08:59:08 31.05.15 IM Brasil

Male Athletes

Continent Athlete Nation Time Date Race
Africa Cunnama, James ZAF 07:59:59 08.07.12 Challenge Roth
Asia/Pacific Vernay, Patrick NCL 08:03:46 12.07.09 Challenge Roth
Australia McCormack, Chris AUS 07:54:23 24.06.07 Challenge Roth
Europe Raelert, Andreas GER 07:41:33 10.07.11 Challenge Roth
North America Starykowicz, Andrew USA 07:55:22 02.11.13 IM Florida
South America Amorelli, Igor BRA 07:59:36 31.05.15 IM Brasil

National Records

Sometimes, the nation of an athlete is not clear – often athletes are listed with their country of residence (e.g. foreign athletes staying in Boulder), and some athletes have dual citizenships. Please let me know if I have mis-attributed a fast result by an athlete to the wrong country!

Female Athletes

Nation Athlete Total Date Race
AUS Carfrae, Mirinda 08:38:53 20.07.14 Challenge Roth
AUT Wutti, Eva 08:37:36 18.08.13 IM Copenhagen
BEL Goos, Sofie 08:57:08 29.06.14 IM Austria
BRA Monticeli, Ariane 08:59:08 31.05.15 IM Brasil
CAN Naeth, Angela 08:54:55 28.09.14 IM Chattanooga
CZE Reed, Lucie 08:57:34 06.10.13 Challenge Barcelona
DEN Pedersen, Camilla 08:56:01 07.07.13 IM Germany
FIN Lehtonen, Kaisa 08:48:40 04.10.15 IM Barcelona
FRA Collonge, Jeanne 09:20:51 23.06.13 IM France
GBR Wellington, Chrissie 08:18:13 10.07.11 Challenge Roth
GER Wallenhorst, Sandra 08:47:26 13.07.08 IM Austria
HUN Csomor, Erika 08:47:05 13.07.08 Challenge Roth
IRL Mullan, Eimear 08:56:51 04.10.15 IM Barcelona
ITA Niederfriniger, Edith 08:59:45 13.07.08 IM Austria
NED Van Vlerken, Yvonne 08:43:07 02.11.13 IM Florida
NZL Martin, Britta 08:56:34 07.12.14 IM Western Australia
SUI Steffen, Caroline 08:34:51 24.03.12 IM Melbourne
SWE Lundstroem, Asa 09:02:49 22.03.15 IM Melbourne
UKR Kozulina, Tamara 09:06:42 13.07.08 IM Austria
USA Corbin, Linsey 08:42:42 29.06.14 IM Austria
ZAF McEwan, Dianne 09:37:45 14.04.13 IM South Africa

Male Athletes

Nation Athlete Finish Date Race
AUS McCormack, Chris 07:54:23 24.06.07 Challenge Roth
AUT Weiss, Michael 07:57:39 03.07.11 IM Austria
BEL Vanhoenacker, Marino 07:45:58 03.07.11 IM Austria
BMU Butterfield, Tyler 08:05:22 31.05.15 IM Brasil
BRA Amorelli, Igor 07:59:36 31.05.15 IM Brasil
CAN McMahon, Brent 07:55:48 16.11.14 IM Arizona
CZE Ospaly, Filip 07:58:44 02.11.13 IM Florida
DEN Henning, Rasmus 07:52:36 18.07.10 Challenge Roth
ESP Rana, Ivan 07:48:43 29.06.14 IM Austria
EST Albert, Marko 08:08:17 03.07.11 IM Austria
FRA Chevrot, Denis 08:05:58 07.12.14 IM Western Australia
GBR Amey, Paul 08:01:29 19.11.11 IM Arizona
GER Raelert, Andreas 07:41:33 10.07.11 Challenge Roth
LUX Bockel, Dirk 07:52:01 14.07.13 Challenge Roth
NCL Vernay, Patrick 08:03:46 12.07.09 Challenge Roth
NED Van der Marel, Jan 07:57:46 04.09.1999 Almere Triathlon
NED Diederen, Bas 08:05:36 05.07.15 IM Germany
NZL Brown, Cameron 08:00:12 24.03.12 IM Melbourne
POR Marques, Sergio 08:05:21 06.10.13 Challenge Barcelona
SLO Plese, David 08:02:20 04.10.15 IM Barcelona
SUI Schildknecht, Ronnie 07:59:42 05.11.11 IM Florida
SWE Nilsson, Patrik 08:08:05 15.08.15 IM Sweden
USA Starykowicz, Andrew 07:55:22 02.11.13 IM Florida
ZAF Cunnama, James 07:59:59 08.07.12 Challenge Roth


There are a few records that need some explanations.

Female African & South African Record

I have listed Dianne McEwan (now Dianne Emery who became a mom in January) as the African record holder, but she herself considers Annah Watkinson’s 9:31 from IM Austria 2015 as the record. Annah has been racing as an age-grouper then, and because of the different race dynamics from the Pro race I’m not counting her result. But Annah has turned Pro this season, so there’s a good chance we will see a new African record this year, maybe as early as IM South Africa!

Male Canadian Record

Lionel Sanders sent me the following tweet after I posted the fastest times:


Lionel is right that Peter finished in 7:51:56 in 1999. However, it is accepted that the marathon in Klagenfurt was short (Peter ran a 2:35:21!) – probably by more than 1k. With Peter being a great athlete and fast runner, one could speculate if he could have finished faster than Brent’s 7:55:48, but I’ve decided to not accept his time as a record.

Male Dutch Record

Jefry Visier, the Operational Director of Challenge Almere, was going through older Almere results and found four times (three by Jan Van der Marel and one by Frank Heldoorn) that were quicker than the one I had from Bas Diederen.

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