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Updated Ironman Fastest Times after 2018 racing

After the end of the 2018 season, I have updated the “Ironman-Distance Records” page. Here are a few highlights:

  • Ironman Texas 2018
    There have been a lot of fast times in Texas, among them a sub-4 bike leg by Andrew Starykowicz, a sub-2:35 marathon and a sub-7:40 finish  by Matt Hanson, lots of sub 4-30 bike rides on the female side (with Jen Annett’s 4:25) and an 8:31 finish by Mel Hauschildt.
    There’s a lot of controversy if all of these have been legitimate results or caused by short courses and/or lack of draft marshaling. I have decided to include the Texas times in the tables with the fastest times but with an asterisk and also show the fastest time in addition to the Texas times. While I think that most of the really fast times have to be considered invalid, Starky’s 3:54 bike split (the first sub-4 in an Ironman) is the “most legit” result of the day – there is very little chance to draft while riding at the front of the field and no motos on the course.
  • Ironman Hawaii 2018
    It’s pretty rare to have results from IM Hawaii show up in the fastest overall times. But with the perfect conditions this year, Daniela Ryf’s bike and overall times are in the Top 5 times. Looking at the fastest times in Kona, there has been a major reshuffle for almost all major nations.
  • Fast Female Bike Times
    In addition to Texas, there have also been fast times on other courses: Lucy Gossage rode a 4:28 at IM UK, Corinne Abraham did a 4:34 in Sweden and Jen Annett a 4:35 in Arizona. Among the Top 5 bike times, only Daniela’s Roth 2016 bike leg is not from this year.
  • New Continental Records
    Even outside of Texas, there have been new African and North American records by James Cunnama in Roth and Heather Jackson in Arizona. Of course these are also new National Records for South Africa and the USA.
  • New National Records
    There are also new National Records by Kaisa Sali (Finland, 8:46 in Roth), Laura Philipp (Germany, 8:34 in Barcelona) and Teresa Adam (New Zealand, 8:53 at IM Cairns).

Please check out the page on “Ironman-Distance Records” for all the geeky details!

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