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IM Lanzarote 2011 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

The conditions in Lanzarote were pretty good – at least for the Lanzarote standards. The adjustment for this year was zero, and Lanzarote continues to be the slowest IM course in my database with a course rating of negative 2 minutes (i.e. it is about 2 minutes slower than IM Hawaii).

Male Results

The race was won by Timo Bracht in a pretty convincing fashion, but it was enough to come in close to the time he was expected to do:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Timo Bracht GER 08:30:34 08:30:53
2 Konstantin Bachor GER 08:44:05 09:17:21
3 Esben Hovgaard DNK 08:54:37 08:48:48
4 Joel Jameson   09:01:48 n/a
5 Nicholas Peter Munoz ESP 09:02:44 09:39:15
6 Gregorio Morales ESP 09:03:45 09:14:45
7 Christian Nitschke   09:05:34 n/a
8 Rafael Wyss SWI 09:05:41 09:32:48
9 Aleksandar Markovic DNK 09:17:28 09:13:00
10 Bo Ballegaard DNK 09:25:35 09:16:35
11 Dirk Wijnalda NLD 09:30:25 09:13:56
12 Damien Landon FRA 09:48:51 09:46:10
13 Fernando Cuenllas   09:59:58 n/a
14 Ivan Tejero Vazquez   10:35:24 10:33:58
15 Jerzy Kasemier NLD 10:40:15 09:54:35

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

A couple of people had really good results, most notably Konstantin Bachor who came in second. Relatively unknown Esben Hovgaard came in quite close to his first, great result from IM Florida and rounded out the podium.

Female Results

On the female side, late entries Rachel Joyce and Natascha Badmann snagged the first two spots:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Rachel Joyce GBR 09:28:12 09:40:37
2 Natascha Badmann SWI 09:43:39 09:28:18
3 Karina Ottosen DNK 10:10:14 10:04:14
4 Heidi Jesberger GER 10:28:32 10:16:35
5 Emma Smith   10:31:07 n/a
6 Nicole Woysch GER 10:52:01 10:36:17
7 Joanna Carritt GBR 11:09:59 10:32:50
8 Esther DeVries   11:16:33 n/a

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

Rachel posted a great result, and her rating leaves her just a few minutes outside the TOP10. It was also good to see Natascha Badmann posting a result after her last race from 2007 and a few DNFs in between.

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