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Looking forward to IM Lanzarote 2011 (Main Post)

As per usual, you can find additional information on the participants in the detail post.

Previous Results

Lanzarote is one of the hardest courses in the Ironman calendar. The adjustments are pretty consistent and hover around Zero. The current course rating is at minus 36 seconds, about two and a half minutes slower than IM Hawaii.

Male Participants

The big name in this year’s race is Timo Bracht who is the clear favorite:

Rank Name Nation Expected Time Rating Rank
1 Timo Bracht GER 08:32:38 08:32:28 8
2 Esben Hovgaard DNK 08:49:36 08:49:26 39
3 Alvaro Velazquez DNS 09:13:55 09:13:44 115
4 Aleksandar Markovic DNK 09:14:28 09:14:17 118
5 Dirk Wijnalda NLD 09:16:11 09:16:00 131
6 Gregorio Morales ESP 09:16:20 09:16:09 133
7 Bo Ballegaard DNK 09:17:44 09:17:33 143
8 Konstantin Bachor GER 09:19:20 09:19:09 152
9 Rafael Wyss SWI 09:34:33 09:34:22 229
10 Nicholas Peter Munoz ESP 09:41:17 09:41:06 264
11 Damien Landon FRA 09:47:14 09:47:03 304
12 Jerzy Kasemier NLD 09:55:33 09:55:21 346
13 Ivan Tejero Vazquez 10:37:25 10:37:13 515
14 Fernando Cuenllas n/a unrated n/a
15 Paul Hawkins n/a unrated n/a
16 Joel Jameson n/a unrated n/a
17 Christian Nitschke n/a unrated n/a
18 Victor Morales n/a unrated n/a
19 Erich Kunz n/a unrated n/a
20 Markus Mlinar n/a unrated n/a

After Timo, the next athlete is Esben Hovgaard – not exactly a household name: All I have in my database for him is  a solid 8:31 from IM Florida 2010, and it’ll be interesting to see how he is going to do. After Esben there are six  pretty similarly rated athletes. As a result, I’m expecting a clear winner (could turn out to be by 30 minutes) and a close race for the other podium spots.

Female Participants

On the female side, the pro field is not very big:

Rank Name Nation Expected Time Rating Rank
1 Karina Ottosen DNK 10:05:09 10:04:57 63
2 Kate Bevilaqua AUS 10:10:34 10:10:22 73
3 Heidi Jesberger GER 10:18:30 10:18:18 96
4 Joanna Carritt GBR 10:34:13 10:34:01 138
5 Nicole Woysch GER 10:38:52 10:38:40 148
6 Emma Smith n/a unrated n/a
7 Esther DeVries n/a unrated n/a
8 Ute Streiter n/a unrated n/a

The rated athletes all seem to have a shot at winning the race, and it’s very hard to pick a clear favorite. Karina Ottosen has the best rating, but only two races. Kate Bevilaqua has been posting up and down results, if she’s on form she has a good shot at winning. Heidi Jesberger and Nicole Woysch have some experience on Lanzarote, both of them have been second there in the past. And Jo Carritt .. she’s a very solid racer, and if the supposedly faster athletes run into problems, she’ll be there. As with the men’s race, a close race is shaping up!

2 thoughts on “Looking forward to IM Lanzarote 2011 (Main Post)”

  1. Alvaro Velasquez just posted on slowtwitch that he had a bike crash and broke his hip – so he won’t make it to the startline.

  2. I’ve just read on Ironman.Com that some great names have been added to the female field:

    – Rachel Joyce (rated 9:41 so she has a good chance of winning the race)
    – Natascha Badmann (rated 9:31 but from three years ago – it’ll be interesting to see how fast she still is)

    Looks like an interesting women’s race!

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