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IM Texas 2014 – Unofficial Startlist

Note: The official start list is now out, and I have put up my predictions post: Ironman Texas 2014 (May 17th) – Predictions.

Update Apr 20th: I was pointed to a list of starters on the Ironman Texas website that also contains the Pros. (Thanks, Brenda!) I expect to see a few changes until the final Pro list is released, but it is a good starting point. I’ve added some additional information and updates from other sources.

I’ve asked around to figure out which Pros will be starting at IM Texas in mid-May. There isn’t an official start list yet as the Pro registration deadline is late April. Thanks to all those who responded, here is my „unofficial list“. (Please note that this information is not always „first hand“ so there may be some changes to the list.)

Any additional information is appreciated!

Male Participants


  • Paul Amey
  • Blake Becker
  • Chris Bodreaux (not on official list)
  • Nathan Buttrick
  • Balazs Csokes (not on official list)
  • James Cunnama
  • Matthew Curbeau
  • Justin Daerr
  • Bas Diederen
  • Ed Donner
  • Andy Gardner
  • Chris Gebhardt
  • Thomas Gerlach
  • Matt Hanson
  • Chris Hauth
  • Chad Holderbaum
  • Pete Jacobs
  • Jose Jeuland
  • Peter Kotland
  • Mark Livesey
  • Jim Lubinski (not on official list)
  • Douglas MacLean
  • Jozsef Major
  • Brandon Marsh
  • Chris McDonald  (not on official list)
  • Diego Montecelli
  • Jordan Rapp
  • Matthew Russell
  • Sean Sullivan
  • Swen Sundberg
  • Robert Wade


Female Participants


  • Rahel Bellinga
  • Jocelyn Cornman
  • Amber Ferreira
  • Julia Gajer (not on official list)
  • April Gellatly
  • Jennie Hansen
  • Christina Jackson
  • Rachel Jastrebsky
  • Amy Javens
  • Heather Jorris
  • Heather Leiggi
  • Cindy Lewis
  • Lindsay Ludlow
  • Jessica Meyers
  • Sarah Piampiano
  • Olesya Prystayko
  • Tami Ritchie
  • Suzy Serpico
  • Beth Shutt
  • Bree Wee
  • Kristina Wiegand
  • Kelly Williamson
  • Eva Wutti

Not racing

These are athletes that have been named to race Texas, but have confirmed on Twitter that they actually won’t:

  • Kim Schwabenbauer (on the list, but not starting)
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