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Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2014 (June 29th) – Startlist

For the longest time, TriLounge was publishing start lists for the Professional Ironman-distance races. In late May however, the owner Kevin Koresky decided to shut down the site. I’m very sorry that Kevin is no longer able to provide this great service which I was using quite a lot in the last years. I hope to be able to pick up some of the slack and will publish the start lists here on as soon as I have found them – starting with the list for Coeur d’Alene (this post) and – in the next day or so – the lists for IM Austria, IM France and Challenge Atlantic City. (Of course, I will continue to post my longer „Predictions“ posts closer to the race with additional information on the race and participants.)

Male Race Participants

Bib Name Nation Age
1 Ben Hoffman USA 30
2 Andy Potts USA 37
3 Victor Zyemtsev USA 41
4 Matthew Russell USA 31
5 Maik Twelsiek GER
6 Pedro Gomes POR 30
7 Nathan Birdsall USA
8 Rick Floyd USA
9 Derek Garcia USA
10 Thomas Gerlach USA 33
11 Christopher Bagg USA
12 Matt Hanson USA
13 Brent Mcburney USA
14 Dantley Young USA
15 Patrick Wheeler USA

Female Race Participants

Bib Name Nation Age
26 Heather Wurtele CAN 34
27 Kelly Williamson USA
28 Stephanie Jones USA
29 Cathleen Knutson USA
30 Kara Lapoint USA
31 Lindsay Ludlow USA
32 Olesya Prystayko UKR
33 Jessica Smith USA
34 Jennie Hansen USA 29
35 Ali Black USA
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