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Ironman Australia 2014 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

Conditions in Australia were similar to last year: an adjustment of 12:47, mainly because of a pretty fast run (8:31).

Male Race Results

The main story in the men’s field has to be Luke Bell’s DNF. He was leading the field by a large margin after the bike, but had to call it a day even before the 20k mark. He wasn’t completely recovered from a knee injury earlier in the year and tweeted his analysis that „3 wks of running just not enough“. If his knee is basically okay and just needs a bit more time, my guess is that he’ll race a September Ironman (defend his title in Mont Tremblant?) or start to rack up points for Kona 2015 with a late season Ironman.

After Luke was out of the race, Elliot Holtham quickly took the place in the spotlight: He passed Paul Ambrose and while never moving far ahead just had the better run, winning his first Ironman and gaining a good position to qualify for Kona. Paul Ambrose finished second, with Nick Baldwin taking the last spot on the podium.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Elliot Holtham CAN 00:49:26 04:49:09 02:53:28 08:35:18 -16:58
2 Paul Ambrose GBR 00:46:29 04:46:28 03:01:37 08:37:47 -06:14
3 Nick Baldwin SEY 00:50:10 04:50:54 02:56:22 08:41:19 -00:17
4 Denis Chevrot FRA 00:44:25 05:05:54 02:50:45 08:44:43 18:11
5 Jason Shortis AUS 00:50:23 05:04:33 02:48:54 08:47:53 08:09
6 Luke Whitmore AUS 00:50:28 05:01:19 03:03:36 08:58:51 08:52
7 Darren Jenkins AUS 00:59:12 05:01:15 02:58:23 09:02:31 n/a
8 Jon Woods NZL 00:53:15 05:15:36 03:13:43 09:26:18 -08:31
9 Luke Bell AUS 00:44:24 04:37:31 DNF
10 Matty White AUS 00:50:13 DNF

Female Race Results

After the swim and bike, Lisa Marangon had built a solid lead with a race best bike. However, once Melissa Hauschildt had put on her running shoes it was clear that if her first ever marathon went well, she’d be able to take the win. Mel passed Lisa around the 24k mark, then built and held a small lead. It’ll be interesting to see what she can do once she has some more IM-specific training under her belt – and what that will mean for her 70.3 speed. Lisa Marangon took the 2nd place and is now on the qualifying bubble for Kona. Melanie Burke took the last spot on the podium with the best women’s run of 3:09.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Melissa Hauschildt AUS 00:50:46 05:19:57 03:13:57 09:28:43 n/a
2 Lisa Marangon AUS 00:49:49 05:12:19 03:23:53 09:30:50 -10:57
3 Melanie Burke NZL 00:58:08 05:21:39 03:09:19 09:32:53 -10:39
4 Dimity-Lee Duke AUS 00:57:22 05:28:30 03:14:03 09:43:38 -46:33
5 Hillary Biscay USA 00:49:23 05:39:41 03:22:12 09:55:43 -00:43
6 Megumi Shigaki JPN 00:56:27 05:51:25 03:32:45 10:24:57 -26:39
7 Tamsyn Hayes NZL 00:55:24 05:25:49 04:04:31 10:29:59 34:35
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