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Ironman Australia 2017 (May 7th) – Entry List

At this point, the list is not final yet: Pro athletes have until April 16th to register for the race.

Last Updated: March 21st

  • March 21st: Added Michelle Gailey, Jessica Richards, Laura Siddall, Karen Thibodeau, David Dellow, Clayton Fettell, and Michael Fox

Male Race Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Nick Baldwin SEY 1790 2+2 (405/15)
Michael Fox AUS 725 1+1
Levi Maxwell AUS 625 2+1
David Dellow AUS 520 1+1
Clayton Fettell AUS 490 1+2 (170/140)
Paul Ambrose AUS 320 0+2 (0/140)
Carl Read NZL 105 2+0

Female Race Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Laura Siddall GBR 4360 2+2 (1280/640)
Linsey Corbin USA 2415 1+2 (1900/100)
Karen Thibodeau CAN 80 0+1
Michelle Gailey AUS
Lauren Parker AUS
Jessica Richards AUS
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