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Ironman Canada 2014 – Preliminary Start List

This start list is based on the full start list posted on the IM Canada website and – because there was no Pro category information – some name matching. (Translation: There may be additional Pro athletes, and some of the athletes on my list may have already indicated they won’t be starting.)

I have added the current KPR points of the identified athletes in order to determine the influence that the race will have on the KPR ranking. (Canada is on of the three final races before determining the July qualifiers.)

Male Race Participants

Trevor Wurtele is back to defend his title, but he faces strong competition in Marino Vanhoenacker (looking for about 600 remaining KPR points to qualify – a fifth should be enough for him) and Matthew Russell (who should already have enough KPR points).

Bib Name Nation KPR points KPR races
  Tom Evans CAN    
  Stephen Kilshaw CAN 187 1+2
  Matt Lieto USA 35 0+1
  Maurice Maher CAN    
  Devon Palmer USA    
  Matthew Russell USA 3615 5+0 ( 230)
  Josh Seifarth CAN 1 1+0
  Nobuyuki Tanaka JPN    
  Anthony Toth CAN 8 1+1
  Marino Vanhoenacker BEL 2920 1+3 (110)
  Trevor Wurtele CAN 1965 1+3 (400)

Female Race Participants

After her exhausting race in Frankfurt (and enough KPR points) I would be surprised if Mary Beth Ellis raced in Canada. For Bree Wee qualifying is still possible, but she probably needs a win to qualify in July.

Bib Name Nation KPR points KPR races
  Anna Cleaver NZL 205 0+3 (45)
  Mary Beth Ellis USA 6210 2+3 (320)
  Christine Fletcher CAN 60 2+0
  Jennifer Lentzke CAN 145 1+3 (10)
  Jenni Plane USA 90 1+1
  Anna Russell NZL    
  Charlene Waldner CAN    
  Bree Wee USA 3250 3+2 (210)
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