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Ironman Canada (Whistler) 2014 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

Conditions in Whistler were slightly faster than last year, an adjustment of 7:00 leads to a new course rating of 5:07. (Statistically it was a bit weird: Each leg was slower than last year, but overall it was faster. This is caused by they way I discard outliers, it means that when athletes had a good leg, they were way faster than expected, and most other athletes were just slightly slower.)

Male Race Results

Marino won the race in convincing fashion, being close to the front on the swim, then pulling away on the bike and securing his Kona spot on the run. For a long time, Paul Ambrose held on to the 2nd place he would have needed to qualify, then fell back to fourth and eventually battled back into third. Second place was taken by Jeff Symonds with a great 2:40 run, while last year’s winner Trevor Wurtele had great start of the day but struggled to hold on to his great position on the run fading to fourth.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Marino Vanhoenacker BEL 00:50:56 04:31:34 02:51:17 08:16:10 -02:19
2 Jeff Symonds CAN 00:50:59 04:51:15 02:40:34 08:25:22 -11:35
3 Paul Ambrose GBR 00:50:58 04:41:05 02:58:16 08:33:10 -06:48
4 Trevor Wurtele CAN 00:51:04 04:41:38 03:07:27 08:42:59 -07:36
5 Andrew Drobeck USA 01:06:20 04:49:19 02:51:51 08:50:32 n/a
6 Matt Lieto USA 00:51:06 04:54:23 03:03:43 08:53:09 -16:13
7 Matthew Russell USA 00:59:08 04:52:31 03:09:51 09:05:45 20:06
8 Stephen Kilshaw CAN 00:56:51 05:06:06 03:07:05 09:13:14 -08:42
  Devon Palmer USA 00:53:57     DNF  
  Anthony Toth CAN 00:58:53 05:20:05   DNF  

Female Race Results

The women’s race was quite a nail biter: The Top 4 came off the bike within two minutes. Bree Wee was statistically the worst runner of the front pack, but needed a win to get enough points for Kona. With her known fightings spirit, she gave it everything and was elated to take the win. Karen Thibodeau and Mackenzie Madison finished on the podium, leaving only fourth place to Jackie Arendt.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Bree Wee USA 00:56:15 05:29:07 03:17:41 09:46:58 07:50
2 Karen Thibodeau CAN 00:55:59 05:29:19 03:22:52 09:51:35 -10:47
3 Mackenzie Madison USA 00:58:53 05:25:05 03:24:45 09:52:46 11:10
4 Jackie Arendt USA 00:56:19 05:31:26 03:27:46 09:59:06 15:04
5 Anna Cleaver NZL 00:53:09 05:43:39 03:24:57 10:05:23 n/a
6 Christine Fletcher CAN 00:58:29 05:37:11 03:35:10 10:14:21 04:50
7 Jenni Plane USA 01:02:49 06:40:30 04:53:21 12:43:17 00:57
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