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Ironman Netherlands 2018 (Maastricht) – Analyzing Results

IMMaastrichtLogoThe analysis for IM Maastricht is supported by Ruud de Haan and his Dutch website

Update May 29th, 2019: Eight months(!) after the race, a Dutch judge has reversed the DQs and appointed Els Visser as the winner of IM Maastricht. There is no information about Sonia Bracegirdle or the impact on the prize money.

Update Sept 22nd: Seven weeks after the race there is news that the race results have been changed (Instagram post by Angela Naeth). I have not seen anything official yet, but possibly race winner Els Visser and third place finisher Sonia Bracegirdle have been DQ’d for cutting the course in the swim. This would make Yvonne Van Vlerken the winner of the race and also subtly change the points allocation so that Angela has now received a late Kona slot. I will update as more facts become known. Dutch Triathlon website has some statements from NTB, the Dutch national governing body, confirming the DQs (Dutch language).

Course Conditions

This year’s IM Maastricht was quite slow, it started with a very slow swim (adjustment of -3:14), a relatively quick bike and a slow run. Almost every Pro athlete had at least one “bad” leg. Els Visser set a new bike course record, she was able to almost break five hours and improved on Brooke Brown’s 2017 time by almost 14 minutes.

Female Race Results

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money KPR Points
1 Els Visser NED 01:00:25 05:00:54 03:25:28 09:31:06 -44:16 US$ 12,000 2000
2 Yvonne Van Vlerken NED 01:02:11 05:07:05 03:21:42 09:34:55 12:09 US$ 6,000 1600
3 Sonia Bracegirdle NZL 01:00:23 05:13:40 03:19:12 09:38:29 n/a US$ 4,000 1280
4 Katja Konschak GER 00:56:04 05:27:23 03:10:43 09:39:39 -13:30 US$ 2,750 960
5 Angela Naeth CAN 01:05:41 05:02:26 03:27:28 09:41:00 -20:37 US$ 2,000 720
6 Haley Chura USA 00:52:05 05:15:34 04:13:58 10:26:55 43:33 US$ 1,500 540
7 Pleuni Hooijman NED 01:11:53 05:03:42 04:22:34 10:42:48 24:11 US$ 1,000 405
Camilla Lindholm Borg SWE 01:26:26 05:18:23 DNF

Kona Qualifying

The following athletes improved their chances for an August Kona slot:

  • Yvonne Van Vlerken (now 5.100 points) is safe for a slot, but she has already indicated that she is going to decline her slot
  • Katja Konschak (now 4.110) is in the bubble. But not counting Yvonne she is the athlete with the most points looking for an August slot, and she is quite likely to receive a slot.

Haley Chura hasn’t been able to improve her total (still 3.875), just as Camilla Lindholm after her DNF (still 3.920). Both are still within the Top 7, but in the last races in Sweden and Mont Tremblant that are likely to overtake them.

Els Visser (3.130) and Angela Naeth (3.425) have improved their total but are still short of getting into the Top 7.

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