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Ironman Sweden 2016 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

This year’s IM Sweden was one of the faster editions of this race, indicating that the wind conditions were quite favorable. But as it was a WPRO only race and there were only three previously rated PRO athletes, the strength of this analysis is not very high.

Race Results

Kristin Möller was able to hold the distance to the front on the bike, and the race best 2:55 marathon (second fastest of all year so far!) allowed her to win by a comfortable margin. 

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected Prize Money
1 Kristin Moeller GER 01:02:48 05:12:09 02:55:09 09:14:39 01:38 US$ 20000
2 Lucie Reed CZE 00:54:03 05:11:35 03:11:11 09:21:31 -03:30 US$ 10000
3 Carolin Lehrieder GER 00:57:47 05:01:25 03:22:15 09:24:30 -01:39 US$ 6500
4 Julia Montgomery SWE 01:06:49 05:13:43 03:40:08 10:05:04 n/a US$ 4000
5 Jessica Ahlund SWE 01:02:46 05:27:26 03:56:48 10:31:03 n/a US$ 3000

KPR Situation

With her win after a lot of racing in July, Kristin finally secured an August Kona slot. 

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