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Ironman Tallinn 2019 – Analyzing Results

IMTallinnCourse Conditions

There were only six Pro finishers, but the conditions seemed to be pretty much in line with last year’s men’s race. Because of cold water temperatures, the swim was moved to an alternate location at a lake, but the times were pretty normal for the women. The bike was again quite quick (adjustment of 20:02), and the run was slightly faster than last but still seemed quite accurate. The overall adjustment was 21:52, resulting in a new course rating of 22:23.

Kona Qualifying

IM Tallinn has two (female) Kona slots, these go to

  • Corinne Abraham
  • Kim Morrison.

Kristin Liepold already secured her slot at IM Cairns.

Female Race Results

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money
1 Corinne Abraham GBR 00:59:03 04:39:47 03:12:01 08:55:22 03:49 US$ 12,000
2 Kristin Liepold GER 01:05:05 05:00:25 02:53:50 09:04:08 -07:28 US$ 6,000
3 Kimberley Morrison GBR 00:56:14 04:42:47 03:21:34 09:04:23 03:35 US$ 4,000
4 Ewa Komander POL 00:56:49 04:48:40 03:15:51 09:06:35 n/a US$ 2,750
5 Renee Kiley AUS 00:56:17 04:47:53 03:22:43 09:11:47 -27:10 US$ 2,000
6 Sabrina Harpaintner GER 01:01:39 05:14:59 03:24:01 09:44:55 n/a US$ 1,500
Palmira Alvarez MEX 01:05:07 DNF
Angela Naeth CAN 01:05:08 DNF
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