Ironman Canada 2018 (July 29th) – Entry List

Whistler is an MPRO-only race this year.

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Brent McMahon CAN 3935 2+2 (1600/265)
Joe Gambles AUS 2885 1+2 (1600/500)
Sam Long USA 1575 3+1 (230/320)
Justin Daerr USA 1250 3+0 (305/0)
Jeff Symonds CAN 720 1+0
Paul Matthews AUS 650 1+2 (290/180)
Pedro Gomes POR 615 1+2 (540/30)
Trevor Wurtele CAN 580 0+2 (0/180)
Nathan Killam CAN 320 0+1
Stephen Kilshaw CAN 220 1+1
Ivan Dominguez USA 190 0+2 (0/55)
Adam Feigh USA 135 1+2 (30/30)
Christopher Bagg USA 65 0+1
Nicholas Chase USA 31 0+2 (0/1)

Kona Qualifying

A look at the athletes in the running for a Kona slot:

  • Brent McMahon is already safe.
  • Joe Gambles needs at least a fifth place.
  • Sam Long needs a win to have a chance, but even that might not be enough.
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