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Kona 2012 Rating Report is ready for download!

As last year, I’ve created a Kona Rating Report for the upcoming race in Hawaii – again with a great title photo by Rich Cruse.
Title pageIt contains tons of information on

  • the Kona pro field (men and women),
  • a look at the 2011 Kona results,
  • results of the qualifying races for Kona 2012 and final KPR standings and also
  • the previous results of the Kona participants.

This year, the report also contains a lot more predictions:

  • odds for winners and TOP3 athletes
  • an analysis on who’s racing well in Kona
  • a “statistical guess” on the standings after the bike
  • a closer look at run capabilities, including run comparison matrix

The Kona Rating report is the ideal information to have when following the Ironman Kona coverage! Initial feedback by my subscribers has been very positive (“wicked work”, “absolutely incredible!”). If you’re looking forward to the race, I’m sure you’ll like it, too!

Please use this link to get your free copy of the Kona Rating Report.

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