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2012 Rating report is ready for download!

TTR Rating Report 2012As last year, I’ve put together a Rating Report analyzing the results of last year’s long distance racing season.

The report contains the following information:

  • My “Long Distance Trivia Questions” and answers
  • The TOP 10 overall Ratings and for each leg
  • The TOP 10 performances of the 2012 season
  • The 2012 Money List
  • A discussion on the KPR and qualifying strategies
  • Course Ratings
  • plus a lot more statistics.

If you are just a little bit interested in IM-distance triathlons, this is a must-read! The feedback from my “beta-readers” has been very positive.

Please use this link to get your free copy of the 2012 Rating Report.

2 thoughts on “2012 Rating report is ready for download!”

  1. This algorithm still could be improved. There is too much emphasis on old races (from many many moons ago), and in particular you should probably strip out races from athletes when they were competing as an age-grouper. Would love to see ratings for the Top 10 athletes who had the biggest blow-outs compared to the TTR expected time 😉

    1. Thomas,

      thank you for your feedback. I don’t use age grouper results when I calculate the ratings. With regards to older results, their weight is decreased, so they count a lot less than newer results. Overall, I think this has been working quite well. I’ll follow up via eMail to discuss some more details – after all, improvements are always possible.


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