Kona 2020

Pro Athletes Qualified for Kona 2020

For details on Kona Pro Qualifying, check out my post explaining the elements of the system. If you’re looking for the 2019 Kona qualifiers, check out this page.

(Note: You can sort the tables below by clicking on the column headers.)

Athletes Qualified for Kona 2020

Females Qualified for Kona

# Name Nation Race Date Slot Type
1 Ryf, Daniela SUI IM Hawaii 2018-10-13 Champion, 70.3 (NV)
2 Corbin, Linsey USA IM Wisconsin 2019-09-08 Race
3 Mitchell, Simone GBR IM Wales 2019-09-15 Race
4 Lehrieder, Carolin GER IM Italy 2019-09-21 Race

Males Qualified for Kona

# Name Nation Race Date Slot Type
1 Frodeno, Jan GER IM Hawaii 2016-10-08 Champion (NV)
2 Lange, Patrick GER IM Hawaii 2018-10-13 Champion (NV)
3 Aguayo Munoz, Emilio ESP IM Wisconsin 2019-09-08 Race
4 Iden, Gustav NOR 70.3 World Championship 2019-09-08 70.3 (NV)
5 Guilloux, Arnaud FRA IM Wales 2019-09-15 Race
6 Wurf, Cameron AUS IM Italy 2019-09-21 Race

Athletes who Declined Their Slot

# Name Nation Race Date Slot Type

Upcoming Qualifying Races

So far Ironman has only announced the 2019 races qualifying for Kona 2020. I will add the 2020 races as soon as they are published. (As an indication I have included the number of slots that could be awarded in 2020 based on the 2019 schedule.)

Date Race Prize Purse MPRO Slots WPRO Slots Unassigned Slots
29-Sep-19 IRONMAN Chattanooga $40.000,00 1 1  
6-Oct-19 IRONMAN Barcelona $40.000,00 1 1  
12-Oct-19 IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIOSNHIP, Kailua-Kona $650.000,00 3 3  
26-Oct-19 IRONMAN Malaysia $25.000,00 1 1  
2-Nov-19 IRONMAN Florida – MPRO $50.000,00 2    
24-Nov-19 IRONMAN Arizona – WPRO $50.000,00   2  
24-Nov-19 IRONMAN Cozumel $80.000,00 1 1  
1-Dec-19 IRONMAN Western Australia $50.000,00 1 1  
1-Dec-19 IRONMAN South American Championship, Mar Del Plata $100.000,00 2 2 2
Open Slots 2019 races only   12 12 2
Already Assigned Previous races, including 70.3 Champions   6 4  
Total (2019)   $1.205.000 18 16  
Expected (2020) Based on 2019 schedule   24 24 14
Total (Expected)     42 40 16

The unassigned slots are proportionally assigned to the male and female Pros according to the number of Pro starters in the race.

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