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Kona Trivia Questions

Here’s a few tricky trivia questions about Kona, this year’s field and some earlier races.

  1. Who are the oldest and youngest athlete’s in this year’s Pro field?
  2. What’s the total number of Kona wins in the male and female field?
  3. Which nation has the most Kona Pros?
  4. Who won Kona (male and female) the last year that an American female was on podium?

I’ve discussed these questions with my friend Tawnee Prazak on an upcoming Endurance Planet episode looking ahead to Kona. Some more questions we didn’t have time for:

  1. Who finished in 10th and 11th place last year (male and female)?
  2. Which Pros will start Kona without a previous Ironman-distance finish?
  3. When was the last time when all Top3 (male or female) came from the same country?

All answers can be found with the information in my Kona Rating Report!

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