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Long Distance Trivia Questions 1

In order to give you something different than Christmas presents to think about, I’ll post a few trivia questions over the last days of the year. I’m not offering any prices, but feel free to post your guesses as comments or tweets to @ThRadde. The answers to all questions can be found by searching through the posts on this site, smart googling or in my upcoming 2012 Rating Report. If you want to be notified as soon as it is released, please subscribe to my email-list by using the form in the right hand side column.

Here’s the first question:

The fastest long distance times this year are by Craig Alexander (7:57:44 in Melbourne) and Caroline Steffen (8:34:51, also in Melbourne).  Who posted the second fastest Ironman-distance times between January and December 2012? The full answer should contain the athlete’s name, finishing time and the location of the race.

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