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KPR Update: August Qualifier

All the qualifying races for Kona 2014 have been run, and we have the final KPR ranking that decides who of the Professional athletes will get a slot. There is still some uncertainty whether all athletes accept their slot, and there may still be some rolldown – both from August athletes and maybe also from July athletes that decide not to race after all.


Most of the slots were already clear after Mont Tremblant (Amber Ferreira, Sara Gross, Melnaie Burke, Beth Shutt). The final slots were decided in Copenhagen (Daniela Ryf, Sofie Goos) and Louisville (Jackie Arendt):

Name Country Points
Ryf, Daniela CHE 7810
Ferreira, Amber USA 7365
Gross, Sara CAN 6620
Burke, Melanie NZL 6190
Shutt, Beth USA 6090
Goos, Sofie BEL 5365
Arendt, Jackie USA 5170

In addition to these seven athletes, Leanda Cave validated her automatic qualifier slot by winning in Sweden.

Mareen Hufe narrowly missed the last slot (by 5 points!), she has to hope for a rolldown:

Name Country Points
Hufe, Mareen DEU 5165
Naeth, Angela CAN 4890
Csomor, Erika HUN 4780

Update Aug 27th: It looks as if all athletes accepted their slots and that there will be no rolldown for the women.


The race for Kona went down to the wire as well, with Harry Wiltshire (2nd in Japan after racing Sweden a week before) and Chris McDonald (winner in Louisville) snatching slots in the last races:

Name Country Points
Bracht, Timo DEU 5410
Halksworth, Daniel GBR 5230
McDonald, Chris USA 5015
Holtham, Elliot CAN 4725
Tollakson, TJ USA 4640
Wiltshire, Harry GBR 4385
Cunningham, Richie AUS 4335
Zyemtsev, Viktor UKR 4280
Robertson, Peter AUS 4215
Brader, Christian DEU 4075
Passuello, Domenico ITA 4075
Daerr, Justin USA 4050
Schildknecht, Ronnie CHE 3915
Raelert, Andreas DEU 3610

Timo Bracht will very likely decline his slot, so Domenico should also make it to Kona.

Update Aug 26th: Domenico Passuello tweeted that he has now been offered a slot. It is unclear who declined a slot, Timo is the obvious guess.

Update Aug 27th: Justin Daerr is now marked as a qualifier as well. This means that both Timo and Victor must have declined their slots.

Update Aug 29th: Ronnie Schildknecht is also marked as a qualifier. At this time, it is not apparent who has declined his slot, all athletes still have their “Q”s. The slot was opened because Dirk Bockel (one of the July qualifiers) declined his slot after all. Dirk had to decline because of a hip injury.

Update Aug 30th: Rolldown has been finalized and the official list was announced. Please refer to my Kona Startlist for the full list and ongoing updates.

Update Aug 31st: Apparently, the WTC press release was not the last word: Cameron Brown decided to decline his slot after all, allowing Andreas Raelert to make it to Kona at the very last minute. (I’ve asked WTC about it, they said that athletes have until Aug 31 – today – to complete registration and there could still be changes.) 

The next athletes have to hope for a rolldown:

Name Country Points
Thomschke, Markus DEU 3460
Ambrose, Paul GBR 3440
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