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Looking forward to IM Australia (Main Post)

The next race on the IM calendar is Ironman Australia. Here is a look IM Australia and the upcoming race. Some additional details on the athletes can be found in the previous post.

Previous Results

Last year’s IM Australia results on and the race’s site are a bit of a mess, so here is “cleaned up” version of the pro results (at least to the best of what I was able to do looking at race results and press releases – please let me know if there’s anything wring) :

Male Race Results 2010

Rank Name Nation Time
1 Patrick Vernay NCL 08:23:54
2 Scott Neyedli GBR 08:27:58
3 Courtney Ogden AUS 08:35:54
4 Matt White AUS 08:36:39
5 Paul Ambrose AUS 08:38:24
6 Tim Berkel AUS 08:40:46
7 Adam Holborow AUS 08:48:36
8 David Meade AUS 08:56:14
9 Adrian Cominotto   09:28:28
10 Nathan Fitzakerley   09:32:23
11 Joshua Rix   09:58:11

Female Race Results 2010

Rank Name Nation Actual
1 Carrie Lester AUS 09:23:46
2 Rebekah Keat AUS 09:33:10
3 Amelia Pearson AUS 09:46:09
4 Diana Riesler GER 09:57:04
5 Kirsten Molloy AUS 09:59:10
6 Conny Dauben GER 10:46:03
7 Desiree Ficker USA 11:14:54

Course Rating

Overall, IM Australia is about as fast as IM South Africa or IM Canada with a course rating of 12:41 (compared to 2:46 for IM Hawaii as the slowest course and 29:30 for Challenge Roth as the quickest course).

Having added the previous IM Australia results (generously supplied by Athlinks), there were some new results for Chris McCormack (winner in 2005 and 2006) and for Craig Alexander (3rd in 2007). As this was Crowie’s first IM race, he approached it cautiously and posted his slowest IM time. This resulted in Crowie dropping to the 3rd spot in the ratings (Macca still being No. 1). Andreas Raelert picked up one spot and is now 2nd – but he’s got some slower results in IM Germany (which is up for processing before the early July race).

Men’s Predictions

Here’s a look at my predictions for the men’s pro race:

Rank Name Nation Expected Time Rating Rank
1 Craig Alexander AUS 08:09:21 08:24:42 3
2 Patrick Vernay NCL 08:21:53 08:37:38 10
3 Pete Jacobs AUS 08:30:43 08:46:44 24
4 Courtney Ogden AUS 08:37:55 08:54:10 40
5 Jason Shortis AUS 08:40:46 08:57:06 48
6 Scott Neyedli GBR 08:48:25 09:05:00 82
7 Chris Dmitrieff AUS 08:55:01 09:11:48 100
8 Adam Holborow AUS 09:05:42 09:22:49 144
9 Nathan Stewart AUS 09:07:09 09:24:19 151
10 Scott Curry CAN 09:08:11 09:25:23 164
11 Gavin Scott NZL 09:08:23 09:25:35 165

Craig Alexander is the overall favorite, and should be able to post a finishing time close to 8 hours. I’m quite interested in Pete Jacobs performance, he seems to be on a pretty good development (posting the fastest run split in Kona), and if he has a good day, he might be one to give Craig a bit of a scare. Behind the TOP3 there are another 3 good, solid athletes that will try to take a spot on the podium – and I’m sure that 6th ranked Scott Neyedli will try to defend his 2nd spot from last year.

Women’s Predictions

As in the men’s race, there is a clear pre-race favorite:

Rank Name Nation Expected Time Rating Rank
1 Caroline Steffen SWI 09:21:22 09:38:59 12
2 Amelia Pearson AUS 09:55:15 10:13:56 74
3 Nicole Ward AUS 10:00:32 10:19:23 85
4 Kirsten Molloy AUS 10:00:49 10:19:40 86
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