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HawaiiOct 6th & 8thResults
70.3 WorldsOct 28th & 29thResults
CozumelNov 20th Results
ArizonaNov 20th Results
IsraelNov 25thResults
W.AustraliaDec 4thResults
New ZealandMar 4thResults
South AfricaMar 5thResults

Click on the race name to get to the post with the latest details about the race. Read more about the types of posts and the data in them here.

Last changes: 

  • March 5th: Added Results for IM New Zealand and IM South Africa and updated the list of Kona qualifiers
  • Feb 14th: Added Seedings for IM South Africa
  • Feb 13th: Added Seedings for IM New Zealand
  • Dec 4th: Added Results for IM Western Australia
  • Nov 25th: Added Results for IM Israel
  • Nov 22nd: Added Results for IM Cozumel and IM Arizona
  • Oct 29th: Added Results for 70.3 Worlds St. George
  • Oct 7th & Oct 9th: Added Results for IM Hawaii

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