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Unofficial KPR for Women’s July cutoff

After IM Switzerland, here is an excerpt from my unofficial update to the KPR standings:

Rank Name Points
12 Erica Csomor 6.310
17 Sofie Goos 5.940
27 Rebeccah Hoschke 5.190
Sara Gross 5.110
2830 Amy Marsh 5.095
2931 Ashley Clifford 4.985
30 Sara Gross 4.830
31 Rebeccah Hoschke 4.740
32 Charisa Wernick 4.700
33 Britta Martin 4.650
34 Sarah Piampiano 4.530
35 Kathleen Calkins 4.490
36 Stephanie Jones 4.280
37 Rebekah Keat 4.160
38 Liz Blatchford 3.930

Update: Anna Ross noticed an error in the points for Rebeccah Hoschke. (I had one race too much for her. I’ve made the same error for Sara Gross.) Rebccah moves down to #31 and will probably get the last July spot. However, she is just 40 points ahead of Charisa Wernick, so any changes in the Switzerland results could result in more changes in the KPR standings.

Remember that the cutoff line comes at #31: There are 28 qualifiers, plus 2 automatic qualifiers (Rinnie and Leanda), and Kelly Williamson in  #29 who is not interested in racing Kona this year (she also hasn’t validated). This means that I have Ashley Clifford as the last July qualifier.

A word of warning: I may have some errors in my numbers, the results are unofficial etc. As far as I can see, the ongoing races (at the time of this writing) in Lake Placid and Calgary are not going to change things – but I may have missed someone.

Congrats to all those who qualified and “have a great race” to all those that are going for an August slot.

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