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Updates on Ironman-Distance Records

I’ve just posted an update to the “Ironman-Distance Records” page.

Here are some notable updates after the 2019 season:

  • The fastest 2019 Ironman-distance finishes by Tyler Butterfield (7:44) and Lucy Charles-Barclay (8:31) are in the Top 5 fastest results of all time.
  • There were quite a few Top 5 bike times in 2019: Fast bike rides by Andrew Starykowicz (in Florida and Texas), by Boris Stein (in Sweden), by Teresa Adam and by Kim Morrison (both in Western Australia).
  • With their marathons in Florida and Cozumel, Ben Hoffman and Ty Butterfield are now in the Top 5 fastest run times.
  • I’ve added a new “Fastest on Land” category, with Joe Skipper taking the lead with his Florida race. The fastest female race is still Daniela Ryf’s Kona 2018 win.
  • We’ve had four new male continental records: Matt Trautman (for Africa), Cameron Wurf (for Oceania), Mario de Elias (for South America) and Tyler Butterfield (for North America, not counting Texas 2018). There was also one female continental record, set by Sarah Crowley for Oceania (again not counting Texas 2018).
  • There were too many notable national records in 2019 to list them here (10 male and 9 female records), but check out the records page for a full list!
  • In addition there were a lot of new entries in the “National Top 5” overall and in Kona for the USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain.
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