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Announcing the “St. George Course Information”

Course St George

The next Ironman World Championships will be held on May 7th, 2022. It will be the first ever edition not to be held on Hawaii but in St. George, UT. I have released a 13-page PDF with the following information:

  • the planned course,
  • comparisons to Kona and the courses from other events in St. George,
  • estimates of the finishing times.

The document is available for free, (just enter 0 in the “Name a fair price” field you get after clicking “I want this”). If you enjoy this information (and maybe feel a bit generous before Christmas🎅), it would be great if you donated an amount of your choice to encourage my ongoing information about Pro racing on TriRating. Thank you so much for your support – it means a lot to me!

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