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IM Australia 2012 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

The field for IM Australia was pretty small – not much of a surprise with all the attention (and points and money) that IM Melbourne was getting. We had only 9 pro athletes finishing the race. The adjustment was at 9:26 – a quicker race than in the past, but still in line with the last years (new course rating of 4:41, mainly as a result of slower results in the earlier years).

Male Results

Paul Ambrose won the race leading from start to finish, but he faced a strong run by Tim Berkel who managed to make the race a bit more interesting towards the end:

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Actual Time Expected Time
1 Paul Ambrose GBR 00:46:18 04:31:25 02:57:12 08:17:38 08:45:00
2 Tim Berkel AUS 00:48:49 04:42:04 02:47:20 08:21:11 08:41:58
3 Jason Shortis AUS 00:50:28 04:53:51 02:51:57 08:40:02 08:47:26
4 Leon Griffin AUS 00:48:53 04:48:26 03:15:26 08:55:54 08:53:12
5 Chris Dmitrieff AUS 00:51:46 05:10:03 03:18:59 09:24:21 09:08:08
6 Dan Brown PHI 00:56:46 05:42:34 06:44:37 13:29:04 08:48:41

Female Results

The three women came off the bike very close together, and Aussie Michelle Mitchell put in a soli 3:08 marathon to win the race:

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Actual Time Expected Time
1 Michelle Mitchell AUS 00:51:48 05:29:57 03:08:38 09:34:57 09:32:06
2 Nicole Ward AUS 00:51:50 05:28:57 03:20:47 09:44:40 09:54:22
3 Hillary Biscay USA 00:50:40 05:29:13 03:34:04 09:58:19 10:03:55
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