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IM Coeur d’Alene 2011 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

Coeur d’Alene is usually a medium-fast course, with a course rating of 3:49 a bit slower than IM France (7:53). This year, however, conditions in CdA were pretty good (adjustment of 5:52), even better than this year’s IM France (adjustment of 4:35).

Male Results

A few late entries to the race (notably Craig Alexander and Tom Evans) made the race at the top a lot more interesting. Crowie ticked the box of validating his Kona spot with an IM race outside of Kona in a convincing fashion. In a pretty close race Maik Twelsiek pushed him to a CdA course record:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Craig Alexander AUS 08:19:48 08:15:40
2 Maik Twelsiek GER 08:24:59 08:34:54
3 Tom Evans CAN 08:49:54 08:34:09
4 Brian Hadley USA 09:02:44 n/a
5 Adam Jensen USA 09:05:42 10:02:05
6 Tim Snow USA 09:12:04 09:25:40
7 Billy Edwards USA 09:13:13 09:24:43
8 Kyle Pawlaczyk USA 09:19:50 09:44:18
9 Olly Piggin CAN 09:22:24 09:19:18
10 Scott Tremblay CAN 09:23:36 n/a
11 Brendan Halpin USA 09:34:19 09:37:47
12 Juan Carlos Ramirez USA 09:37:55 09:55:35
13 Lewis Elliot USA 09:51:45 09:36:42
14 Matt Shryock   10:17:38 n/a
15 Arland Macasieb PHL 10:24:40 10:07:44
16 Cesar Valera VEN 10:27:50 09:35:29

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

Even though Crowie won this race, he was a bit slower than his rating predicted, and as consequence slipped to forth spot in the overall ratings. (I’ll update the TOP10 ratings page after IM Austria, when new 3rd Marino Vanhoenacker  has his next race.

Maik Twelsiek continued to improve his rating, he has two second spots this year, both times being passed pretty late in the run, but holding on for second just a few minutes behind first place. He still has to post his first sub-3h marathon, I’m looking forward to Kona – if he manages to crack 3 hours there he’ll be a safe bet for a top 10 finish there.

Craig and Maik were way in front of everyone else, Tom Evans came in third almost half an hour back, and he was more than 10 minutes clear of forth spot.

Female Results

On the female side, we had another athlete “ticking the box”: Julie Dibens finished her second Ironman, secured her Kona spot and won in convincing fashion:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Julie Dibens USA 09:16:40 09:06:26
2 Caitlin Snow USA 09:29:18 09:39:20
3 Logan Franks   09:34:58 09:19:37
4 Haley Cooper USA 09:56:21 10:08:52
5 Caroline Gregory USA 10:05:53 n/a
6 Desiree Ficker USA 10:10:42 10:15:18

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

Julie could afford to walk a bit on the run (she twittered that she officially know what a bonk feels like now) and still was more than 10 minutes ahead of Caitlin Snow. With her second IM result, Julie is also eligible for the top 10 ratings and comes in 3rd place for now (after Chrissie and Rinnie). As usual, IM Hawaii is shaping up to be a very interesting field!

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