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IM France 2011 – Analyzing Results

Ironman race season in Europe has really started! The first race on the “mainland” was IM France, and in the next weeks Austria, Switzerland and Germany are going to follow (predictions for these races are going to be up soon). This post looks at the results of IM France.

Race Conditions

The conditions in France seem to have been quite hard, I’ve only got an adjustment of 4:35, leading to a new course rating of 7:53 – i.e. this year’s race was 3 1/2 minutes slower than what is typical for France.

Male Results

Five-time winner Marcel Zamora was not able to defend his title, instead Frederik van Lierde continued his great season, improved on his expected time and won quite convincingly:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Frederik Van Lierde BEL 08:28:30 08:39:48
2 Francois Chabaud FRA 08:37:18 08:45:51
3 Marcel Zamora ESP 08:40:55 08:39:28
4 Paul Amey USA 08:47:04 08:35:59
5 Sergio Marques PRT 08:49:55 09:02:35
6 Trevor Delsaut FRA 08:54:59 09:11:10
7 Domenico Passuello ITA 09:03:34 n/a
8 Alejandro Santamaria ESP 09:07:39 08:54:40
9 Bill Scanlon AUS 09:14:01 n/a
10 Leonardo Simoncini ITA 09:18:17 09:33:58
11 Jose Jeuland FRA 09:21:08 09:15:05
12 Dirk Wijnalda NLD 09:23:28 09:17:05
13 Scott Defilippis USA 09:26:26 09:34:01
14 Alfred Rahm GER 09:44:12 09:38:57
15 Chris Brands NLD 09:49:31 09:13:59
16 Leandro Gonzalez Bonet ARG 10:58:15 09:31:32

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

Zamora was also beaten by Francois Chabaud (who managed to put another good race together after a number of not-so-good results), but he was able to come in in front of pre-race favorite Paul Amey.

Female Results

On the women’s side, German Silvia Felt managed to win her second professional Ironman race:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Silvia Felt GER 09:34:31 09:31:09
2 Martina Dogana ITA 09:45:56 09:50:38
3 Britta Martin NZL 09:48:56 09:54:26
4 Kim Loeffler USA 09:53:08 09:42:31
5 Johanna Daumas FRA 09:53:29 10:06:49
6 Jeanne Collonge FRA 10:04:05 09:47:31
7 Katya Meyers USA 10:07:04 10:15:59
8 Heather Gollnick USA 10:18:13 09:41:52
9 Alexandra Louison FRA 10:20:39 10:00:37
10 Christine Hemphill AUS 10:22:40 n/a
11 Miranda Alldritt CAN 10:56:48 10:44:23
12 Stephanie Jones USA 11:12:26 10:40:40
13 Fiona Whitby CAN 11:38:06 10:24:44

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

Even though Silvia came in a little bit slower than was to be expected from her great IM Florida time and 2nd place Martina Dogana and 3rd place Britta Martin managed to go faster than their ratings predicted (by 5 and 6 minutes respectively), Silvia won by more than 10 minutes.

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