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IM Lake Placid 2011 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

Lake Placid is one of the slower courses with a course rating of –1:35. This year had relatively good conditions (relatively cool and low winds) with an adjustment of 0:22.

Male Results

The good conditions helped TJ Tollakson win his first IM in almost course record times:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 TJ Tollakson USA 08:25:15 08:54:28
2 Ben Hoffman USA 08:33:29 08:53:05
3 Jason Shortis AUS 08:47:18 08:50:07
4 Eduardo Sturla ARG 09:04:16 08:39:21
5 Daniel Bretscher USA 09:07:05 n/a
6 Ian Mikelson USA 09:12:42 09:11:16
7 Mike Neill CAN 09:13:03 08:57:05
8 Tim Snow USA 09:16:01 09:29:20
9 Matthew Russell USA 09:26:26 09:21:39
10 John Hirsch USA 09:45:50 09:44:56
11 Tyler Lord CAN 10:09:48 10:38:32
12 Sergio Quezada MEX 10:29:11 10:25:32
13 Ryan Kelly USA 10:30:39 n/a
14 Holden Cameau USA 10:33:27 n/a
15 Ryan Cain CAN 10:50:16 n/a

Ben Hoffman improved on his last year’s result and held on for second, while Jason Shortis had the fastest marathon to capture the third spot.

Female Results

Heather Wurtele won her second IM this year, and leading from start to finish she actually managed to set a new course record:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Heather Wurtele CAN 09:19:03 09:34:26
2 Tine Deckers BEL 09:34:41 09:39:44
3 Tyler Stewart USA 09:38:09 09:39:50
4 Jackie Arendt USA 09:56:21 10:08:16
5 Jacqui Gordon USA 10:07:22 10:10:36
6 Suzanne Zelazo CAN 10:21:08 11:18:11
7 Amber Ferreira USA 10:30:39 11:37:57
8 Miranda Alldritt CAN 10:46:46 10:51:00
9 Marie Danais CAN 10:48:26 10:24:03

Heather Wurtele is steadily improving, she is now rated as #12 and it’ll be interesting to see how she is going to do in Hawaii (if she is going to race there).

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