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Ironman Arizona 2018 (Nov 18th) – Entry List

IM Arizona has 1m+1f and 2 floating Pro Kona slots.IMAZLogo

Update October 21st:

  • Added Jen Annett, Uli Bromme, Heather Jackson, Sarah Jarvis, Carrie Lester, Skye Moench, Carla Schubiger, Natasha Van der Merwe (F)
    Clemente Alonso McKernan, Patrick Brady, Vicenc Castella Serra, Martijn Dekker, Victor Del Corral, Ivan Dominguez, Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches, Bryan McCrystal, Brent McMahon, Dusty Spiller, Jeff Symonds, TJ Tollakson, Jesse Vondracek, Robbie Wade (M)

Male Race Participants

Name Nation
Clemente Alonso McKernan ESP
Michael Patrick Alonso Mckernan ESP
Florian Boegge GER
Raymond Botelho USA
Patrick Brady USA
James Capparell USA
Vicenc Castella Serra ESP
Sacha Cavelier CAN
James Cook CAN
Antony Costes FRA
Martijn Dekker NED
Victor Del Corral ESP
Ivan Dominguez USA
Jose Estrangeiro POR
Jonathan Fecik USA
Adam Feigh USA
Brian Folts USA
Romain Garcin FRA
Stenn Goetstouwers BEL
Nicholas Granet FRA
Philip Graves GBR
Ben Hoffman USA
Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches CAN
Frederic Limousin FRA
James Lubinski USA
Bryan McCrystal IRL
Brent McMahon CAN
Jeremiah Mitchell USA
Jason Pohl CAN
Kevin Portmann FRA
Philipp Reiner AUT
Chris Schroeder USA
Matthew Shanks USA
Michael Smith Larsen DEN
Dusty Spiller CAN
Jeff Symonds CAN
Raul Tejada GTM
TJ Tollakson USA
Lars Christian Vold NOR
Jesse Vondracek USA
Robbie Wade IRL

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Jen Annett CAN
Uli Bromme USA
Monica Folts USA
Robyn Hardage CAN
Heather Jackson USA
Sarah Jarvis GER
Jessica Jones USA
Meredith Kessler USA
Jennifer Lentzke CAN
Carrie Lester AUS
Caroline Martineau CAN
Melanie McQuaid CAN
Skye Moench USA
Carla Schubiger SUI
Natasha Van der Merwe USA
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