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Ironman Brasil 2018 (May 27th) – Entry List

The last year’s IM Brasil was the Regional Championship for South America (i.e. a P-4000 race with a large prize purse and Automatic Qualifier slots for the winners), this year it’s back to a “normal” P-2000 race (and a reduced purse of $40.000).

Male Race Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Igor Amorelli BRA 4040 2+2 (1280/500)
Thiago Vinhal BRA 1900 1+0
Reinaldo Colucci BRA 1000 1+2 (235/330)
Urs Mueller SUI 575 2+0
Frank Silvestrin BRA 535 1+2 (230/85)
Vinicius Canhedo BRA 245 0+2 (0/5)
Bruno Joaquim BRA 240 0+2 (0/100)
Felipe Santos BRA 225 0+2 (0/45)
Inaki De La Parra POL 30 1+0
Aleksander Kochetkov LTU 0 0+0
Guilherme Manocchio BRA 0 0+0

Female Race Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Sarah Piampiano USA 4010 2+2 (720/540)
Haley Chura USA 2915 1+2 (705/920)
Kirsty Jahn CAN 2590 1+1
Bruna Mahn BRA 1375 1+2 (540/400)
Nayara Luniere BRA 0 0+0
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