Ironman Chattanooga 2019 (Sept 29th) – Entry List


  • Aug 7th: Added Kaitlin Allen, Palmira Alvarez, Robyn Hardage, Lisa Roberts (WPRO) and Vinicius Canhedo, Sean Daugherty, Pedro Gomes, Matthew Russell (MPRO). Tim Don is no longer on the latest entry list.

Kona Slots and Prize Money

IM Chattanooga has 1m+1f Pro Kona slots. It has a total prize purse of 40.000 US$, paying 6 deep.

Male Race Participants

Name Nation
Romain Babin CHI
Blake Becker USA
Vinicius Canhedo BRA
Nicholas Chase USA
Sean Daugherty USA
Ivan Dominguez USA
Eneko Elosegui ESP
Jonathan Fecik USA
Adam Feigh USA
Pedro Gomes POR
Benson Hall USA
Peter Kotland CZE
Kirill Kotshegarov EST
Colin Laughery USA
James Lubinski USA
Matthew Russell (KQ) USA

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Kaitlin Allen USA
Palmira Alvarez MEX
Melanie Baumann SUI
Katy Cargiulo USA
Kelly Fillnow USA
Robyn Hardage CAN
Ginger Howell USA
Jessica Jones USA
Jennifer Lentzke CAN
Kristin Louderback USA
Rachel McBride CAN
Katie Morales USA
Angela Naeth CAN
Lenny Ramsey NED
Lisa Roberts USA
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