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Ironman Hamburg (WPRO-only, Aug 29th) – Entry List


  • August 2nd: Added Lauren Brandon, Leanne Fanoy, Kayla Kobelin, Melanie McQuaid, Annika Timm
  • July 26th: Added Leonie Konczalla, Annah Watkinson
  • July 19th: Added Manon Genet, Jenny Nae, Ashley Paulson, Cathrine Sand, Svenja Thoes
  • July 12th: Added Palmira Alvarez, Mirella Karlsson, Kristin Liepold

Kona Slots and Prize Money

IM Hamburg has 2 Pro Kona slots. It has a total prize purse of 50.000 US$, paying 10 deep.

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Palmira Alvarez MEX
Anna-Lena Best Pohl GER
Lauren Brandon USA
Leanne Fanoy NED
Manon Genet FRA
Katharina Grohmann GER
Helena Herrero Gomez ESP
Mirella Karlsson SWE
Kayla Kobelin USA
Leonie Konczalla GER
Carolin Lehrieder (KQ) GER
Kristin Liepold GER
Melanie McQuaid CAN
Jenny Nae SWE
Ashley Paulson USA
Laura Philipp GER
Cathrine Sand DEN
Svenja Thoes GER
Annika Timm GER
Alexandra Tondeur BEL
Annah Watkinson ZAF
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