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Ironman Ireland 2019 – Results

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Cold water combined with rainy and windy conditions produced a canceled swim and slow times on the bike. The race was started with a time-trial start in random order every 30 seconds. This made it hard to follow the race (especially when only having the tracker as the app didn’t adjust for start times).

It also makes it hard to evaluate the performance of the winners. Based on the gaps it’s pretty obvious that Bryan McCrystal was putting out a great time on the bike, and the T2 leaders on the female side Emma Bilham and Anja Ippach were also riding strong. Contrary to some expectations, Alistair Brownlee didn’t self-destruct on the bike, but it’s next to impossible to tell what his 4:49 is worth. The same thing can be said for the run: Alistair’s 2:51 was the fastest of the day and one of only two sub-3 runs of the day, Emma’s 3:15 was the fastest female run by more than half an hour. But both would probably have been able to run a bit faster if he was in a close fight for the win. And it’s next to impossible to draw any conclusions from a no-swim, cold and rainy IM Ireland for the ocean-swim, hot and humid race on Hawaii.

Male Race Results

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money
1 Alistair Brownlee GBR 04:49:41 02:51:31 07:44:16 n/a US$ 8,000
2 Bryan McCrystal IRL 04:36:15 03:10:25 07:49:45 n/a US$ 4,000
3 Markus Thomschke GER 04:48:35 03:06:44 07:58:10 n/a US$ 3,000
4 Justin Metzler USA 05:10:03 02:56:02 08:08:10 n/a US$ 2,500
5 Seppe Odeyn BEL 05:05:29 03:00:48 08:08:45 n/a US$ 1,500
6 Till Schramm GER 05:08:16 03:11:14 08:22:21 n/a US$ 1,000
7 Adam Feigh USA 05:07:12 03:49:38 08:59:44 n/a
8 Robert Drake GBR 05:45:38 03:26:09 09:16:45 n/a
Esben Hovgaard DEN 05:06:35 DNF
Stefan Overmars NED 05:27:12 DNF

Female Race Results

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money
1 Emma Bilham SUI 05:30:30 03:16:16 08:50:18 n/a US$ 8,000
2 Pleuni Hooijman NED 05:36:41 03:40:06 09:19:50 n/a US$ 4,000
3 Amanda Wendorff USA 05:42:10 03:41:46 09:28:32 n/a US$ 3,000
4 Michelle Heneghan IRL 06:04:05 03:41:17 09:50:01 n/a US$ 2,500
Linsey Corbin USA 05:51:41 DNF
Anja Ippach GER 05:28:05 DNF
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