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Ironman Lake Placid 2018 (July 22nd) – Entry List

IMLakePlacidUpdate June 21st: 

  • Added Ashley Paulson and Jodie Robertson.
  • Natasha Van der Merwe is no longer on the latest entry list.

Lake Placid is a WPRO-only race this year.

Female Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Heather Jackson USA 6975 1+2 (5835/500)
Linsey Corbin USA 5625 2+2 (1900/400)
Sarah Piampiano USA 5070 3+1 (720/750)
Jodie Robertson USA 3980 1+2 (3400/180)
Meredith Kessler USA 3205 1+2 (1670/750)
Jen Annett CAN 3140 2+2 (1280/125)
Kelsey Withrow USA 2560 1+2 (1280/640)
Ashley Paulson USA 1045 3+1 (305/30)
Robyn Hardage CAN 760 3+0 (60/0)
Darbi Roberts USA 685 1+0
Lenny Ramsey NED 475 0+2 (0/195)
Maggie Rusch USA 450 1+1
Carly Johann USA 415 0+2 (0/135)
Natasha Van der Merwe USA 315 1+2 (230/10)
Caroline St-Pierre CAN 305 1+0
Amber Ferreira USA 300 1+1
Elizabeth Nyitray USA 245 0+2 (0/65)
Amy Vantassel USA 175 1+2 (40/50)
Kelly O’Mara USA 45 0+1

Kona Qualifying

There’s a couple of athletes looking for a Kona slot:

  • Heather Jackson just needs a finish.
  • Linsey Corbin and Sarah Piampiano are already safe.
  • Jodie Robertson should be fine with a sixth place.
  • Meredith Kessler needs at least a third place. (However, she might skip Lake Placid and race an August Ironman, most likely IM Mont Tremblant.)
  • Jen Annett already has four races, she’ll need at least a second place.
  • Kelsey Withrow must win to get enough points for a slot.
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