Ironman UK 2018 (July 15th) – Entry List

IMUKLogoMale Race Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Will Clarke GBR 2905 1+1
Eneko Elosegui ESP 1155 3+1 (20/5)
Michael Patrick Alonso Mckernan ESP 960 1+0
Elliot Smales GBR 780 0+2 (0/280)
Fraser Cartmell GBR 375 0+2 (0/135)
Erik-Simon Strijk NED 325 1+1
Diego Van Looy BEL 170 1+0
Reece Barclay GBR 30 0+1
Clemente Alonso McKernan ESP 0 0+0
Aleksander Kochetkov LTU 0 0+0
Michael Louys * BEL 0 0+0
Andreas Niedrig GER 0 0+0

Female Race Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Lucy Gossage GBR 6435 3+1 (2000/435)
Laura Philipp GER 3180 0+2 (0/750)
Sara Svensk SWE 2410 1+1
Camilla Lindholm Borg SWE 2000 2+0
Federica De Nicola ITA 180 0+1
Francesca Sanjana GBR 26 0+2 (0/6)

Kona Qualifying

There are only a few athletes that have a chance for a Kona slot:

  • Will Clarke needs a fourth place (maybe even fifth could be enough) to secure a slot, but he probably has bigger goals.
  • Lucy Gossage is already safe for a slot.
  • Laura Philip is probably on the UK list just as a backup for IM Frankfurt.
  • A win is needed for Sara Svensk in order to be in contention for a slot.
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