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Kona 2022 – Always Up-to-Date Startlist

IMWC Logo 2022After the completion of all races with qualifying slots for Kona 2022, here are all qualified athletes. I will update with information about changes such as athletes not being able to race – hopefully not too often!


Speedy recoveries for all injured and I hope to see all of you soon on another start line!

Female Race Participants (Race on Thursday, Oct 6th)

Name Nation Previous Results
Jen Annett CAN 1 finish (2 starts)
Ruth Astle GBR 1 finish
Nikki Bartlett GBR 2 finishes (3 starts)
Kate Bevilaqua AUS 2 finishes (3 starts)
Daniela Bleymehl GER 2 finishes
Lauren Brandon USA 2 finishes (3 starts)
Lucy Charles-Barclay GBR 3 finishes
Susie Cheetham GBR 4 finishes (5 starts)
Haley Chura USA 3 finishes (4 starts)
Rebecca Clarke NZL none
Linsey Corbin USA 13 finishes (14 starts)
Sarah Crowley AUS 4 finishes
Elisabetta Curridori ITA none
Nina Derron SUI 1 finish
Dimity-Lee Duke AUS 3 finishes
Petra Eggenschwiler SUI none
Kelly Fillnow USA 1 finish
Gurutze Frades Larralde ESP 5 finishes
Manon Genet FRA 1 finish
Heini Hartikainen FIN none
Anne Haug GER 3 finishes, 1 win (2019)
Elena Illeditsch GER none
Heather Jackson USA 6 finishes
Radka Kahlefeldt CZE none
Renee Kiley AUS 1 finish
Fenella Langridge GBR 1 finish
Kristin Liepold GER 5 finishes
Justine Mathieux FRA none
Katrina Matthews GBR 1 finish
Jocelyn McCauley USA 3 finishes (4 starts)
Simone Mitchell GBR none
Skye Moench USA 1 finish
Beatriz Neres BRA none
Jade Nicole Roberts ZAF none
Magda Nieuwoudt ZAF none
Lisa Norden SWE 1 finish
Pamella Oliveira BRA none
Laura Philipp GER 1 finish
Jodie Robertson USA 2 finishes (3 starts)
Daniela Ryf SUI 7 finishes, 5 wins (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2022)
Joanna Ryter SUI 1 finish
Chantal Sainter GBR none
Jenny Schulz GER none
Laura Siddall GBR 4 finishes
Kylie Simpson AUS none
Penny Slater AUS none
Chelsea Sodaro USA none
Maja Stage Nielsen DEN 4 finishes
Sara Svensk SWE 0 finishes (1 start)
Svenja Thoes GER 1 finish
Sarah True USA 1 finish (2 starts)
Els Visser NED 1 finish
Annah Watkinson ZAF 1 finish
Rachel Zilinskas USA none
Laura Zimmermann GER 1 finish

Male Race Participants (Race on Saturday, Oct 8th)

Name Nation Previous Results
Josh Amberger AUS 2 finishes (3 starts)
Igor Amorelli BRA 5 finishes (6 starts)
Florian Angert GER 1 finish
Sam Appleton AUS none
Daniel Baekkegard DEN 2 finishes
Cody Beals CAN 0 finishes (1 start)
Kristian Blummenfelt NOR 1 finish, 1 win (2022)
Alistair Brownlee GBR 1 finish
Kyle Buckingham ZAF 4 finishes (5 starts)
Matt Burton AUS 0 finishes (1 start)
Collin Chartier USA none
Leon Chevalier FRA 1 finish
Denis Chevrot FRA 3 finishes (5 starts)
Maurice Clavel GER 2 finishes
Reinaldo Colucci BRA 2 finishes
Braden Currie NZL 4 finishes
Andreas Dreitz GER 1 finish (3 starts)
Magnus Elbaek Ditlev DEN none
Jan Frodeno GER 5 finishes, 3 wins (2015, 2016, 2019)
Henrik Goesch FIN 1 finish
Arnaud Guilloux FRA 1 finish
Matt Hanson USA 3 finishes (5 starts)
Pieter Heemeryck BEL 1 finish
Ben Hoffman USA 9 finishes (10 starts)
Kristian Hogenhaug DEN 1 finish (2 starts)
Gustav Iden NOR none
Robert Kallin SWE none
Nick Kastelein AUS 0 finishes (1 start)
Sebastian Kienle GER 8 finishes (9 starts), 1 win (2014)
Sam Laidlow FRA 1 finish
Patrick Lange GER 3 finishes (4 starts), 2 wins (2017, 2018)
Chris Leiferman USA 2 finishes
Sam Long USA 1 finish
Andre Lopes BRA none
Mathias Lyngsoe Petersen DEN none
David McNamee GBR 5 finishes (6 starts)
Clement Mignon FRA none
Max Neumann AUS 0 finishes (1 start)
Timothy O’Donnell USA 8 finishes (9 starts)
David Plese SLO 4 finishes (6 starts)
Lionel Sanders CAN 6 finishes
Paul Schuster GER none
Joe Skipper GBR 4 finishes
Kyle Smith NZL 1 finish
Jesper Svensson SWE 1 finish
Luciano Taccone ARG none
Matt Trautman ZAF 2 finishes (3 starts)
Ivan Tutukin KAZ 0 finishes (2 starts)
Jan van Berkel SUI 5 finishes (6 starts)
Tim Van Berkel AUS 6 finishes
Kenneth Vandendriessche BEL none
Rudy Von Berg USA none
Bradley Weiss ZAF none
Michael Weiss AUT 7 finishes (10 starts)
Robert Wilkowiecki POL none
Cameron Wurf AUS 4 finishes

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    1. Since her return to racing after having her second child, Rinny hasn’t tackled an Ironman yet (but five 70.3s). I’m not sure if she has a full-distance race in her sights.

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