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Always Up-to-date Ironman World Championships 2021 (St. George, May 7th, 2022) Startlist

2021IMWCSTG logo black largeHere is the start list for the Ironman World Championships 2021, originally scheduled for October 2021 in Kona and now planned for May 2022 in St. George, UT. I will update when athletes withdraw from the race.

For more details about the Pro field and the race, check out my St. George Rating Report.


  • May 4th: Carolin Lehrieder made the trip to St. George but is also sick and feels not well enough to race.
  • May 2nd: Laura Philipp posted that she’s had some fever after a positive Corona-test and won’t be able travel to St. George for the race.
  • April 29th: Tara Grosvenor is building up for the 2022 season and has confirmed to me she is not racing St. George. Justine Mathieux has already travelled to the US but has been diagnosed with a broken bone in her foot.
  • April 28th: Kylie Simpson announced that she has shifted her next targeted race to IM Cairns.
  • April 26th: Sara Svensk has withdrawn with hip issues. Simone Mitchell also won’t be racing as she’s wasn’t able to do any intensity because of what’s now been diagnosed as Epstein-Barr virus
  • April 22nd: Joe Skipper also won’t be able to race St. George as he feels that racing after his Covid infection he’s “still unable to train anywhere near like I would need to do to be competitive”.
  • April 22nd: Ironman has released a bib list. There are a a few athletes who have not been assigned a number. A few have been added back in, but I have now crossed out those who are still without a bib as I was able to confirm with most of them that they won’t race. (Please let me know if I crossed out someone who will be racing after all!)
  • April 21st: Javier Gomez posted on Instagram that he’s caught Covid and it’s hitting him quite hard, making a start in St. George unrealistic or irresponsible.
  • April 14th: Jan Frodeno had to announce that a partial achilles rupture prevents him from racing in St. George. Tim Van Berkel will be racing closer to home at IM Australia which means he can’t race in St. George.
  • March 31st: Lucy Charles-Barclay had to announce that she has a stress fracture in her left hip and is out of St. George and the Sub8-project.
  • March 30th: Back in February, Emilio Aguayo Munoz has had heart problems that keep him from racing in St. George (link to Spanish YouTube video). By now, he’s back into training and works for another chance to race the best in the world.
  • March 29th: Sarah Crowley announced that she plans to stay in Australia for a while longer and targets IM Australia (May 1st) and IM Cairns (June 12th) with a focus towards Kona in October.
  • March 28th: Andi Boecherer plans to skip St. George and then race Roth in his final Pro season. 
  • March 26th: Another pregnancy: Kim Morrisson looks forward to an August baby boy.
  • March 13th: Michelle Vesterby announced that she’s pregnant with her second baby (congratulations to the whole family!) and won’t be racing St. George.
  • March 7th: Hannah Wells won’t be racing in St. George but hopes to start her season in a race soon after the Ironman World Championships.
  • March 4th: When travelling to the US, Josh Amberger had problems with his Visa and was denied entry.
  • February 26th: Patrick Lange had a bike crash during his training camp and suffered a shoulder injury (Instagram post) that will make it impossible for him to race in St. George.
  • February 25th: Both Mirinda Carfrae and Tim O’Donnell won’t be racing St. George. Carrie Lester will also not start.
  • February 18th: Teresa Adam is still rebuilding and won’t be racing in St. George.
  • February 17th: Rasmus Svenningsson posted on Instagram that he “was hit by a van (luckily at quite low speed) and fractured my collarbone as well as scapula”.
  • February 9th: Flora Duffy confirmed to me that she has declined her wild card.
  • February 3rd: Sarah Piampiano announced the end of her Pro career. I have crossed her out in the start list below.
  • February 1st: Imogen Simmonds mentioned in an Instagram post that she will undergo surgery “on the hip to repair a tear in the labrum and a femoroacetabular impingement, with a few weeks on crutches”. This makes it unlikely for her to be in (top) shape for St. George.
  • September 24th: The race has been rescheduled for May 7th in St. George, UT.
  • September 17th: Initial post. For now, I am listing all athletes qualified. As far as I know, all qualifiers intend to race with the possible exception of Flora Duffy. Flora was offered a wild card and indicated she would decline.

To all the athletes with an injury, fingers crossed for a speedy and full recovery!

Male Race Participants

Name Nation Age Previous Results
Bart Aernouts BEL 37 7 finishes (8 starts)
Emilio Aguayo Munoz ESP 31 none
Josh Amberger AUS 32 2 finishes (3 starts)
Florian Angert (KQ) GER 29 none
Daniel Baekkegard DEN 25 1 finish
Kristian Blummenfelt (KQ) NOR 27 none
Andi Boecherer GER 38 5 finishes (7 starts)
Alistair Brownlee GBR 33 1 finish
Matt Burton (KQ) AUS 34 none
Tyler Butterfield BMU 38 5 finishes (7 starts)
Leon Chevalier (KQ) FRA 26 none
Denis Chevrot FRA 34 3 finishes (4 starts)
Braden Currie NZL 35 3 finishes
Mario De Elias ARG 37 1 finish
Andreas Dreitz GER 33 1 finish (2 starts)
Adam Feigh USA 29 none
Jan Frodeno (KQ) GER 40 5 finishes, 3 wins (2015, 2016, 2019)
Henrik Goesch FIN 27 none
Pedro Gomes POR 38 2 finishes (4 starts)
Javier Gomez ESP 38 1 finish
Arnaud Guilloux FRA 33 none
Matt Hanson USA 36 2 finishes (4 starts)
Pieter Heemeryck BEL 32 none
Ben Hoffman (KQ) USA 38 8 finishes (9 starts)
Kristian Hogenhaug DEN 30 1 finish
Gustav Iden (KQ) NOR 26 none
Sebastian Kienle (KQ) GER 37 7 finishes (8 starts), 1 win (2014)
Sam Laidlow FRA 23 none
Patrick Lange GER 35 3 finishes (4 starts), 2 wins (2017, 2018)
Chris Leiferman USA 35 1 finish
Sam Long USA 26 none
David McNamee GBR 33 4 finishes (5 starts)
Justin Metzler USA 28 none
Max Neumann AUS 26 none
Patrik Nilsson SWE 30 1 finish (3 starts)
Timothy O’Donnell USA 41 8 finishes (9 starts)
Mike Phillips NZL 31 2 finishes
Jason Pohl CAN 31 none
Kevin Portmann FRA 35 none
Andy Potts USA 45 11 finishes
Matthew Russell USA 38 7 finishes (8 starts)
Lionel Sanders (KQ) CAN 33 5 finishes
Joe Skipper (KQ) GBR 33 4 finishes
Kyle Smith NZL 24 none
Boris Stein GER 37 4 finishes (5 starts)
Rasmus Svenningsson SWE 29 none
Matt Trautman (KQ) ZAF 36 1 finish (2 starts)
Jan van Berkel (KQ) SUI 33 4 finishes (5 starts)
Tim Van Berkel AUS 37 6 finishes
Michael Weiss AUT 41 7 finishes (9 starts)
Cameron Wurf AUS 38 3 finishes

Female Race Participants

Name Nation Age Previous Results
Teresa Adam NZL 31 1 finish
Ruth Astle (KQ) GBR 32 none
Nikki Bartlett GBR 34 1 finish (2 starts)
Mirinda Carfrae AUS 40 8 finishes (10 starts), 3 wins (2010, 2013, 2014)
Lucy Charles-Barclay (KQ) GBR 28 3 finishes
Haley Chura USA 36 2 finishes (3 starts)
Judith Corachan Vaquera ESP 37 none
Linsey Corbin USA 40 12 finishes (13 starts)
Sarah Crowley AUS 39 4 finishes
Chantal Cummings GBR 31 none
Flora Duffy BMU 34 none
Kelly Fillnow USA 39 none
Gurutze Frades Larralde (KQ) ESP 41 4 finishes
Tara Grosvenor GBR 34 none
Anne Haug (KQ) GER 39 2 finishes, 1 win (2019)
Heather Jackson (KQ) USA 37 5 finishes
Meredith Kessler USA 43 5 finishes (8 starts)
Renee Kiley AUS 39 none
Tessa Kortekaas NED 33 none
Chloe Lane AUS 31 none
Fenella Langridge GBR 29 none
Carolin Lehrieder GER 32 none
Carrie Lester AUS 40 4 finishes (5 starts)
Justine Mathieux (KQ) FRA 25 none
Katrina Matthews GBR 31 none
Rach McBride CAN 43 1 finish
Jocelyn McCauley (KQ) USA 33 2 finishes (3 starts)
Simone Mitchell GBR 34 none
Skye Moench (KQ) USA 33 none
Kimberley Morrison GBR 34 1 finish
Angela Naeth CAN 39 1 finish (2 starts)
Lisa Norden SWE 37 none
Laura Philipp (KQ) GER 34 1 finish
Sarah Piampiano USA 41 5 finishes (6 starts)
Daniela Ryf (KQ) SUI 34 6 finishes, 4 wins (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
Joanna Ryter (KQ) SUI 27 none
Laura Siddall GBR 41 3 finishes
Imogen Simmonds SUI 28 1 finish
Kylie Simpson (KQ) AUS 38 none
Maja Stage Nielsen DEN 33 3 finishes
Sara Svensk (KQ) SWE 32 0 finishes (1 start)
Michelle Vesterby DEN 38 6 finishes (7 starts)
Amelia Watkinson NZL 30 none
Hannah Wells NZL 31 none
Laura Zimmermann (KQ) GER 30 none
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