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Thank you for your interest! My name is Thorsten Radde and my site is TriRating. I love to write and talk about long-distance triathlon racing! To make it as easy as possible to post about TriRating, find below some information you might need. If what you’re looking for isn’t here, please get in touch via email (


Thorsten Radde is a German age-group triathlete who is fascinated by professional long-distance triathlon. He collects and analyzes race results, allowing him to rate courses and athletes. On his website he posts his assessment of the field for upcoming races and an analysis of the actual performances, in addition to in-depth analysis and opinion pieces on Ironman racing.

Thorsten also releases free Rating Reports before Kona and at the end of each the season, his latest are the Kona 2017 Rating Report and the TriRating Report 2016. He also authors the KPR Observer featuring base information about the Kona Points Ranking (KPR) and ongoing updates during the season how the projected cutoff changes and which athletes are in a good position to qualify. He’s a regular contributor to Triathlon magazines worldwide.

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Kona 2017 Rating Report

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TriRating Report 2016

2016 Book Cover Mockup

2016 TitlePage

2017 KPR Observer

2017 Title

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