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Think you know Ironman racing? Predict races at

Just a quick post to let you know about an exciting new project I’m starting:

Luke Dragstra and I are teaming up to bring you Before a big Ironman race, you can submit your bets, and the best bets will win some cool prices. Here are some more details:

  • The first race you can submit bets will be IM Melbourne on March 24th. We’re also targeting IM Germany, possibly some more summer races and of course Kona.
  • You submit the top 10 for the men and the top 6 for the women.
  • You’ll earn points if you pick the right winner, athletes on the podium and within the top 10 or top 6.
  • We plan to have prices for the overall winner, the best men’s and women’s picks and a random drawing.
  • Luke has already managed to get a Carbon Wheelset from Planet X and some cool tri clothing from Magic Sportfood for the Melbourne picks.
  • Submitting a bet is free, so this is a great chance to win an attractive price.

I’m busy implementing the bet submission page, but you can already leave your email on and we’ll notify once you can submit your bets. IM Melbourne is shaping up to have a great field, so you should start thinking about your picks as soon as possible. Of course I’ll continue to provide my statistical predictions for the race, so readers of should have an advantage!

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