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TOP 10 Performances in 2013

Note: This is an excerpt from my 2013 TriRating Report which has a lot more information about the 2013 long distance season. You can download it for free using this link.

By adjusting for a fast or slow course and conditions on race day, I’m able to compare finishing times from different courses. Therefore, my list of the top performances of the year is a bit more indicative of how good the performance really was (and not on how fast a course the race was occurring).

TOP 10 Male Results

This year, Dirk Bockel posted the fastest time and – according to my calculations – also the best performance.


Only Frederik Van Lierde has two of the top 10 performances (his wins in France and Kona), and only Kona has three results in the top 10 showing that even with the slower times it is the race with the best field.

Rank Name Normalized Time Actual Time Race
1 Dirk Bockel 08:15:34 07:52:01 Challenge Roth on 2013-07-14
2 Frederik Van Lierde  08:17:41 08:12:29 IM Hawaii on 2013-10-12
3 Luke McKenzie 08:20:33 08:15:19 IM Hawaii on 2013-10-12
4 Eneko Llanos 08:20:56 07:59:58 IM Germany on 2013-07-07
5 Frederik Van Lierde 08:21:24 08:08:59 IM France on 2013-06-23
6 Ronnie Schildknecht 08:22:29 08:11:24 IM South Africa on 2013-04-14
7 Bevan Docherty 08:24:14 08:15:35 IM New Zealand on 2013-03-02
8 Sebastian Kienle 08:24:41 08:19:24 IM Hawaii on 2013-10-12
9 Timothy O’Donnell 08:24:51 08:01:32 IM Brasil on 2013-05-26
10 Bart Aernouts 08:24:58 08:12:28 IM France on 2013-06-23

TOP 10 Female Results

Undoubtedly, Rinny’s Kona win with a course-record time is the best performance of the year.


Caroline Steffen had three results in the top 10, and five of the best performances were delivered in Kona:

Rank Name Normalized Time Actual Time Race
1 Mirinda Carfrae 08:57:52 08:52:14 IM Hawaii on 2013-10-12
2 Rachel Joyce 09:01:03 08:49:14 IM Texas on 2013-05-18
3 Rachel Joyce 09:03:09 08:57:28 IM Hawaii on 2013-10-12
4 Caroline Steffen 09:06:33 08:40:35 Challenge Roth on 2013-07-14
5 Liz Blatchford 09:09:20 09:03:35 IM Hawaii on 2013-10-12
6 Yvonne Van Vlerken 09:10:19 09:04:34 IM Hawaii on 2013-10-12
7 Eva Wutti 09:11:30 08:37:36 IM Copenhagen on 2013-08-18
8 Yvonne Van Vlerken 09:12:38 08:46:22 Challenge Roth on 2013-07-14
9 Caroline Steffen 09:14:57 09:09:09 IM Hawaii on 2013-10-12
10 Caroline Steffen 09:16:00 09:13:57 MetaMan on 2013-08-31

Photo Credits: Sebastian Kuhn and Jay Prasuhn

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