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Ironman Mont Tremblant 2019 – Analyzing Results

IMMtTThis post only has preliminary data, it will be updated once full splits and the data from the DNFs are available.

Course Conditions

Based on the preliminary data, the conditions were slightly faster than normal for Mont Tremblant, but not more than maybe two or three minutes.

Both winners, Carrie Lester and Cody Beals, posted new course records, breaking sub-9 and sub-8 for the first time in Mont Tremblant. Carrie also posted a new bike course record (was 4:53 by Mary-Beth Ellis, now 4:48:21), while Cody improved his own run course record (was 2:45 by Chris Leiferman, now 2:42:28). Cody was under his old bike course record of 4:24:28 from last year, but Lionel Sanders was even quicker with a 4:15:13.

Kona Qualifying

Both winners Carrie Lester and Cody Beals had secured their Kona slots in earlier races. Therefore the slots went to the second-place finishers, Sarah True and Lionel Sanders.

The full list of Kona Pro qualifiers can be found here.

Male Race Results

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money
1 Cody Beals CAN       07:58:34 -05:03 US$ 12,000
2 Lionel Sanders CAN       08:05:38 -07:30 US$ 6,000
3 Nathan Killam CAN       08:29:15 -37:46 US$ 4,000
4 Cedric Boily CAN       08:34:45 n/a US$ 2,750
5 Scott Defilippis USA       08:38:22 -14:56 US$ 2,000
6 Christian Brader GER       08:49:59 04:30 US$ 1,500
7 Eliot Scymanski USA       08:59:56 n/a US$ 1,000
8 Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches CAN       09:01:17 40:19 US$ 750
9 Andrew Yoder USA       09:27:05 n/a  
10 David Lacombe CAN       09:28:22 n/a  
11 Chad Holderbaum USA       09:44:30 47:02  
12 Raymond Botelho USA       09:49:40 31:07  
13 Wouter Monchy BEL       09:54:37 56:45  

Female Race Results

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money
1 Carrie Lester AUS       08:48:26 -18:56 US$ 12,000
2 Sarah True USA       09:04:31 12:34 US$ 6,000
3 Jodie Robertson USA       09:16:16 -08:09 US$ 4,000
4 Pamela-Ann Bachelder St.Pierre CAN       09:30:13 n/a US$ 2,750
5 Melanie Burke NZL       09:34:31 02:51 US$ 2,000
6 Meredith Kessler USA       09:43:42 30:40 US$ 1,500
7 Kyra Wiens USA       09:56:24 -18:21 US$ 1,000
8 Robyn Hardage CAN       09:57:03 -03:29 US$ 750
9 Katy Cargiulo USA       10:01:14 -37:52  
10 Ginger Howell USA       10:06:53 -40:00  

Ironman Copenhagen 2019 – Analyzing Results

IMCPHThis post only has preliminary data, it will be updated once full splits and the data from the DNFs are available.

Course Conditions

The current data does not indicate extremely fast conditions, an adjustment of 20:57 is in line with Copenhagens 20:51 course rating.

Nonetheless, Anne Haug delivered a crazy fast time. Her total of 8:31:32 is one of the fastest times ever, only Chrissie Wellington and Daniela Ryf have ever been faster. Of course, this is a new course record and a new German fastest time. Her bike and run splits (4:37:28 and 2:57:26) are also new course records.

Kona Qualifying

Anne was finally able to validate her Automatic slot from finishing on the Kona.

The one female slot that was available in Copenhagen went to third-place finisher Maja Stage Nielsen. (Second place finisher Camilla Pedersen already had a slot from her win at IM Wales.)

The full list of Kona Pro qualifiers can be found here.

Female Race Results

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money
1 Anne Haug GER       08:31:32 -09:21 US$ 15,000
2 Camilla Pedersen DEN       08:49:23 -12:23 US$ 7,500
3 Maja Stage Nielsen DEN       09:02:49 00:09 US$ 5,000
4 Angela Naeth CAN       09:07:28 03:16 US$ 3,250
5 Michelle Vesterby DEN       09:09:22 08:57 US$ 2,750
6 Simona Krivankova CZE       09:20:49 -04:56 US$ 2,000
7 Pleuni Hooijman NED       09:21:44 -22:20 US$ 1,500
8 Melanie Baumann SUI       09:35:14 -33:19 US$ 1,250
9 Alyssa Godesky USA       09:43:08 02:40 US$ 1,000

Ironman Sweden 2019 – Analyzing Results

IMSweden_LogoCourse Conditions

Conditions in Kalmar have been blazing fast this year (adjustment of 31:04), resulting in a completely new set of course records.

In the swim, Alexander Berggren posted the fastest time of 43:50, but there were six athletes faster than the old record by Clemente Alonso from 2017. The 2017 bike time by Cam Wurf (4:14) is also no longer a course record: Boris Stein posted a 4:03:08 – only Andy Starykowicz has ever ridden a faster time in an Ironman. Denis Chevrot improved the run course record, even if “only” by 12 seconds.

The overall course record was broken as well – in fact we saw the first seven sub-8 finishes ever in Sweden! Boris Stein’s 7:49:14 is now the new course record and also the fastest IM finish in 2019. Mathias Peterson’s 7:52:29 finish in third place is now the fastest Ironman debut (the old record was held by Brent McMahon with a 7:55 at Arizona 2014). He also broke the Danish national record, which was set by Rasmus Henning when he won Challenge Roth 2010 in 7:52:36

Kona Qualifying

The single Kona Pro slot in Kalmar goes to race winner Boris Stein. The full list of Kona Pro qualifiers can be found here.

Male Race Results

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money
1 Boris Stein GER 00:49:07 04:03:08 02:53:37 07:49:14 -07:39 US$ 15,000
2 Denis Chevrot FRA 00:45:36 04:17:35 02:44:06 07:51:00 -11:31 US$ 7,500
3 Mathias Lyngsoe Petersen DEN 00:45:27 04:16:24 02:47:32 07:52:29 n/a US$ 5,000
4 Morten Brammer Olesen DEN 00:49:05 04:14:30 02:45:34 07:53:02 -12:48 US$ 3,250
5 Tomas Renc CZE 00:45:33 04:17:53 02:46:50 07:54:05 -13:44 US$ 2,750
6 Gustavo Rodriguez Iglesias ESP 00:48:50 04:15:01 02:51:48 07:59:25 -14:05 US$ 2,000
7 Pedro Jose Andujar ESP 00:48:35 04:12:49 02:54:11 07:59:48 -08:42 US$ 1,500
8 Markus Liebelt GER 00:48:43 04:09:49 03:00:02 08:03:15 -13:42 US$ 1,250
9 Kirill Kotshegarov EST 00:48:52 04:12:54 02:58:14 08:05:11 01:03 US$ 1,000
10 Karl-Johan Danielsson SWE 00:45:51 04:11:41 03:09:31 08:10:41 -19:59 US$ 750
11 Denis Sketako SLO 00:49:20 04:24:11 02:54:34 08:11:49 -10:51  
12 Kristian Hindkjaer DEN 00:48:36 04:15:08 03:09:25 08:17:13 -08:46  
13 Bjoern Laibacher GER 00:50:16 04:25:03 03:03:16 08:24:24 n/a  
14 Erik Holmberg SWE 00:49:01 04:28:14 03:03:45 08:24:24 -30:42  
15 Vicenc Castella Serra ESP 00:53:42 04:35:58 02:51:47 08:26:12 -06:01  
16 Giulio Molinari ITA 00:45:30 04:17:55 03:20:28 08:27:42 25:57  
17 Morgan Bjoerkqvist SWE 00:55:43 04:27:40 03:02:51 08:29:43 n/a  
18 Jonas Oerarbaeck SWE 00:55:48 04:29:03 03:04:07 08:32:35 -09:41  
19 Jean-Claude Besse SUI 00:48:41 04:42:01 02:58:42 08:32:52 -08:58  
20 Eneko Elosegui ESP 00:55:46 04:32:59 03:12:46 08:45:40 -10:29  
21 Andrey Lyatskiy RUS 00:49:25 04:49:11 03:03:25 08:46:16 16:42  
22 Jan Sneberger CZE 00:50:20 04:49:10 03:06:24 08:49:54 -00:43  
23 Bekim Christensen DEN 00:53:44 04:26:42 03:26:45 08:53:00 -07:57  
24 Alexander Berggren SWE 00:43:50 04:44:11 03:30:55 09:02:24 -46:31  
25 Dennis Matzen DEN 00:49:10 04:43:12 03:58:32 09:34:31 48:53  
26 Lukas Polan CZE 01:00:02 05:08:13 03:25:56 09:41:30 07:32  
  Clemente Alonso McKernan ESP 00:45:37 04:20:54   DNF    
  Matt Burton AUS 00:48:45 04:20:30   DNF    
  Domenico Passuello ITA 00:49:06 04:22:05   DNF    
  Rasmus Svenningsson SWE 00:48:30 04:23:41   DNF    
  Daniel Besse SUI 00:45:25 04:32:04   DNF    
  Andreas Borch DEN 00:45:37 04:33:04   DNF    
  Gergo Badar HUN 00:48:56 04:33:37   DNF    
  Christian Haupt GER 00:51:44 04:52:50   DNF    
  Harry Wiltshire GBR 00:45:29     DNF    
  Igor Amorelli BRA 00:45:32     DNF    
  Johannes Moldan GER 00:49:14     DNF    

70.3 World Championships 2019 in Nice, France (Sept 7th and 8th) – Entry List

For now, the list reflects the athletes that have qualified and accepted their slots (minus very few withdrawals already processed). I expect about 50 athletes for each gender once the bib list is released and even fewer actually starting on race day. When information about athletes not racing becomes available, I will cross out the names on this list until the bib list is released by Ironman.

Athletes also qualified for this year’s Kona are marked with “KQ”.

Prize Money

70.3 World Championships have a total prize purse of 250.000 US$, paying 10 deep.

Female Race Participants (Sept 7th)

Name Nation
Pamela-Ann Bachelder St.Pierre CAN
Lauren Barnett USA
Maria Barrera MEX
Nikki Bartlett (KQ) GBR
Gisele Bertucci BRA
Lucy Charles-Barclay (KQ) GBR
Haley Chura USA
Jeanne Collonge FRA
Judith Corachan Vacquero ESP
Luiza Cravo BRA
Sarah Crowley (KQ) AUS
Laura Dennis AUS
Nina Derron (KQ) SUI
Danielle Dingman USA
Dimity-Lee Duke AUS
Amber Ferreira USA
Paula Findlay CAN
Helle Frederiksen DEN
Alexandra Ganzon PHI
Manon Genet FRA
Lauren Goss USA
Anne Haug (AQ) GER
Jackie Hering USA
Radka Kahlefeldt CZE
Ewa Komander POL
Leonie Konczalla GER
Kinsey Laine USA
Fenella Langridge GBR
Holly Lawrence GBR
India Lee GBR
Carrie Lester (KQ) AUS
Xenia Luxem BEL
Lisa Norden SWE
Pamella Oliveira BRA
Rachel Olson USA
Romina Palacio Balena ARG
Emma Pallant GBR
Maddy Pesch USA
Laura Philipp (KQ) GER
Sarah Piampiano (KQ) USA
Anne Reischmann GER
Barbara Riveros (KQ) CHI
Katrina Rye GBR
Daniela Ryf (KQ) SUI
Kaisa Sali (KQ) FIN
Ellie Salthouse AUS
Francesca Sanjana GBR
Mariella Sawyer ZAF
Jenny Schulz GER
Felicity Sheedy-Ryan AUS
Imogen Simmonds (KQ) SUI
Chelsea Sodaro USA
Bianca Steurer (KQ) AUT
Sara Svensk SWE
Grace Thek AUS
Alexandra Tondeur BEL
Amelia Watkinson NZL
Annah Watkinson (KQ) ZAF
Hannah Wells NZL
Kyra Wiens USA
Laura Wood NZL
Heather Wurtele CAN

Male Race Participants (Sept 8th)

Name Nation
Bart Aernouts (KQ) BEL
Josh Amberger (KQ) AUS
Igor Amorelli BRA
Florian Angert GER
Sam Appleton AUS
Santiago Ascenco BRA
Filipe Azevedo POR
Daniel Baekkegard (KQ) DEN
Kristian Blummenfelt NOR
Andi Boecherer (KQ) GER
Adam Bowden GBR
Mark Bowstead NZL
Alistair Brownlee (KQ) GBR
Matt Burton AUS
Alan Carrillo Avila MEX
Maurice Clavel (KQ) GER
Kevin Collington USA
Pablo Dapena Gonzalez ESP
Thomas Davis GBR
Robbie Deckard USA
Tim Don GBR
Andreas Dreitz (KQ) GER
Joe Gambles (KQ) AUS
Javier Gomez ESP
George Goodwin GBR
Romain Guillaume FRA
Pieter Heemeryck BEL
Vicente Hernandez ESP
Gustav Iden NOR
Yvan Jarrige FRA
Iuri Josino Vinuto BRA
Ivan Kalashnikov RUS
Ben Kanute USA
Mitchell Kibby AUS
Sebastian Kienle (KQ) GER
Eric Lagerstrom USA
Patrick Lange (KQ) GER
Jackson Laundry CAN
Franz Loeschke (KQ) GER
Sam Long USA
Andre Lopes BRA
Paulo Roberto Maciel da Silva BRA
David Mainwaring AUS
Brent McMahon CAN
Mauricio Mendez Cruz MEX
Jack Moody NZL
Banjo Norte PHI
Joaquin Pereda Charles MEX
Mike Phillips (KQ) NZL
Sam Pictor GBR
Jason Pohl CAN
Alexander Polizzi AUS
Tim Rea AUS
Horst Reichel GER
Markus Rolli GER
Francisco Serrano MEX
Elliot Smales GBR
Dominik Sowieja GER
Milosz Sowinski POL
Andrew Starykowicz (KQ) USA
Frederik Van Lierde (KQ) BEL
Cyril Viennot (KQ) FRA
Rodolphe Von Berg USA
Bradley Weiss ZAF
Ruedi Wild SUI

Ironman Arizona (WPRO-only, Nov 24th) – Entry List

Kona Slots and Prize Money

IM Arizona has 2 Pro Kona slots. It has a total prize purse of 50.000 US$, paying 10 deep.

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Melanie Baumann SUI
Holly Benner USA
Jennifer Clark USA
Heather Jackson USA
Meredith Kessler USA
Jennifer Lentzke CAN
Danielle Mack USA
Skye Moench USA
Jessica Smith USA
Natasha Van der Merwe USA

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