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IM Brasil 2011 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

The conditions is Brasil seemed to be very good this year. The race adjustment was 28:19 which is among the fastest I’ve seen so far. It was almost 12 minutes faster than the old course rating for IM Brasil, resulting in faster times than originally predicted.

Male Results

The close fight between the two three time winners Eduardo Sturla and Oscar Galindez didn’t last for much longer than the bike, as Oscar had to pull out of the race. However, Guilherme Manocchio pushed Sturla almost to the finish, at one time he almost closed up, but then Sturla managed to hold on for the win:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Eduardo Sturla ARG 08:13:12 08:16:12
2 Guilherme Manocchio BRA 08:15:30 08:32:03
3 Ezequiel Morales ARG 08:19:49 08:25:44
4 Santiago Ascenco BRA 08:24:24 08:17:19
5 Chris McDonald AUS 08:24:34 08:26:10
6 Keegan Williams NZL 08:37:20 08:47:57
7 Ivan Albano BRA 08:48:57 08:45:13
8 Luiz Francisco Ferreira BRA 08:51:14 n/a
9 Lucas Cocha ARG 08:51:41 09:40:00
10 Mike Schifferle SWI 08:53:07 08:53:11
11 Antonio Filho BRA 08:56:26 08:58:04
12 Kelmerson Henri Buck BRA 09:06:20 n/a
13 Bonieck Clemente BRA 09:13:50 09:01:00
14 Christian Emiliano Carletto   09:28:54 09:25:50
15 Santiago Amigo ARG 09:40:11 n/a
16 Richard Wygand BRA 10:37:08 10:29:20

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

Ezequil Morales rounded out the podium. There are a lot of relatively unknown but good athletes in South America, so that the better known pros such as Chris McDonald and Keegan Williams didn’t really have a chance for a podium, even as they had pretty good races.

Female Results

Even though Amy Marsh finished a bit slower than the conditions would have allowed, she won the female race in a very convincing fashion:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Amy Marsh USA 09:07:49 09:04:49
2 Lucie Zelenkova ZAF 09:14:23 09:18:59
3 Ariane Monticeli BRA 09:17:25 09:32:43
4 Hillary Biscay USA 09:33:14 09:47:51
5 Fernanda Keller BRA 09:48:03 09:45:21
6 Mariana Andrade BRA 09:49:41 10:26:35
7 Maria Omar BRA 09:51:19 09:52:20
8 Kelzie Beebe USA 10:01:52 n/a
9 Silvia Fusco BRA 10:18:38 10:08:40
10 Alessandra Carvalho BRA 10:19:49 11:36:57
11 Amanda Balding USA 10:37:24 10:39:21
12 Mariana Guimaraes BRA 11:41:05 n/a
13 Ana Lidia Borba BRA 12:03:10 09:35:44

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

After Amy Marsh Lucie Zelenkova and Ariane Monticelli were the expected second  and third finishers. It was good to see Hillary Biscay having one of her better races in the last few years, and Fernanda Keller finishing a strong fifth – at age 47!! I wish I was ever going to be as fast as she is now!

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